Photo Gallery: Ultrasonic Blue Lexus IS F SPORT & the Canadian Sunset

Lexus IS Kevin King Uy

Lexus Canada has just posted an Ultrasonic Blue IS F SPORT gallery from photographer Kevin King Uy:

I’ve been a huge fan of Kevin King Uy ever since his LFA/Supra photoshoot a couple years back — happy to see his work featured on the Lexus Canada Facebook page.


  • Joshd

    Any why doesn’t the US get this color?!? Boggles the mind!

  • Tif

    While I don’t know the answer to that, I think if enough people ask for the color at their Lexus dealer, then there’s a good chance they’ll bring it to US models.
    That aside, those are some great photos!

  • Lexus Cohen

    When the Fsport came out in 2010 I was bent on getting this color, but they convinced us to get black. Now, I have an ISF in this colour and it’s definitely a head turner.

  • tinhinnh

    They had this color in the US before, I don’t know why they stopped offering it, is it the low takers?

  • thatblueis

    i need a greddy ti cutback for my 014 is350 f sport

  • thatblueis

    and headers why no damn headers

  • thatblueis

    only in the meddle east and europe etc…

  • thatblueis

    when i buy my is f sport i want it blue with white intirior the dealer said only red intirior if the car is f sport

  • thatblueis