Lexus ES 300h Named Best Luxury Value by Consumer Reports

Lexus ES 300h

The Lexus ES 300h has been named the top luxury car value in the Consumer Reports annual Best & Worst New Cars.

Consumer Reports judges vehicles on a combination of reliability, resale value, fuel economy and driving performance — the ES 350, RX 450h, & RX 350 also ranked high in the list.

Read more about the Consumer Reports Best & Worst List


  • Travis

    Sweet win. Love the new ES.

  • Lexus Cohen

    The new ES is by far the best one ever!

  • OlFius

    Comparing with … ?
    I know you’re the owner of an IS and a GS, so why this statement ?
    I don’t understand why the ES is not available in the EU, for me, the ES looks better (or let say: more up-to-date) then the GS.
    What do you think ?

  • corradoMR2

    This is starting to become old news…. of course in a good way! :)

  • leopard08

    also Toyota is destroying the compatition with hibrids. lol all toyota hybrids win

  • Lexus Cohen

    Why that statement? I’ve driven the other ES’s and I’ve never liked them. This new one is more stylish on the inside and the outside. I’ve seen the younger crowd going for them but not me, I’m 25 and I would never get one. The GS is way more attractive than the ES, the ES in my opinion is designed for older crowd, sorry grandma and grandpa!

  • OlFius

    OK, you didn’t comparing the ES against the IS or GS and saying “the best one ever” ! Now it’s clear. :-)
    But I’m lucky, I’m not a grandpa, I’m driving an IS !

  • Travis

    I dont agree ! I dont think the ES is for grandpa ! I dont think it ever was. The ES was always stylish and curvy in my eyes. Not super sexy in anyway but it was always handsome.

  • Freddy

    Hi OIFius,

    I do not think that. ES is a car for grandpas, GS for business man.



  • Trav

    Right Travis, you’ve answered. NOT SUPER SEXY.

    No further questions, your honour!


  • OlFius

    Don’t worry, Freddy, I don’t even like the RC for 100% and still I’m not a grandpa (but I do like the NX !)
    Just look around here, at the USA sale figures of last month, for a comparison between the ES and GS. There are a lot of grandpas and not so many business man, could it be ?
    Let’s say, to use your comparison, that I prefer to be an ‘old’ business man :-)

  • Travis

    incorrect !!

    I dont kno what you got from me saying something isnt super sexy… hell I dont think some super cars are super sexy.

  • MIke

    The photo at the top of the ES from that angle looks great and looks nice in that grey color

  • Tragic Bronson

    Not sure whether to agree with CR or not. If they picked another brand would we be debate it? I suppose it may be warranted, though enthusiast Lexus owners would probably pick the IS or GS instead.

  • maxi400

    yeah why doesn’t it come to Britain?