Lexus IS 300h & IS 300h F SPORT Photo Gallery

Lexus IS 300h F SPORT UK

Lexus UK has released a new collection of IS 300h photos, here’s the full gallery:

Lexus IS 300h

Lexus IS 300h F SPORT

Great set of images — I’ve said it a hundred times, but the IS looks great on the road. Can’t wait until it arrives in North American dealerships next month.


  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Didn’t Lexus say it was coming this month on their website? (I know dealers won have a full supply until probably August 1st)

    • OlFius

      Next weekend, june 21-22, is the launch weekend in Belgium. Finally can we see what we bough :-)

    • krew

      For reasons unknown, the IS launch in North America has been pushed back to July. After driving the IS during the East Coast road rally, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with the navigation (it was a little buggy).

  • OlFius

    Sure these are pictures for the UK ? (The driver sits the wrong..)

    • krew

      Well, the Lexus UK media site is where I downloaded them — in fact, they are Europe-wide images.

  • McWitz

    The USA dealers will be getting two units mid-June to demo and sell off of. The others won’t arrive until early July with a release date to follow. Can’t wait to get going with the demo drives.

  • corradoMR2

    I never tire of seeing new pics and videos of the IS.

    At a local Toronto dealer, July 11th is the official launch date to be celebrated with food and music! Can’t wait to see what I bought in the flesh, though I’ll have to wait several weeks more to get my actual IS F-Sport. Can’ be soon enough!