Tommy Kaira Releases Lexus LS F SPORT Body Kit

Lexus LS F SPORT Rowen by Tommy Kaira

Japanese tuner Tommy Kaira has created a Rowen body kit for the 2013 Lexus LS F SPORT:

There’s also this full circle video look at the Rowen kit:

The complete kit comes in two options — the carbon fiber version retails for ¥430,000 ($4,375 USD), and the FRP version costs ¥300,000 ($3,050 USD).

[Source: Tommy Kaira]


  • Brad

    Way overdone for my tastes!…Looks like a kit that I could see Wald Black Bison offering.My Infiniti G Coupe with a sports tuned suspension doesn’t sit that low!…How long before that front lip on that LS gets torn off at the first dip in the road?…Hope there’s a button to raise that thing up!

  • Hamed Al Sayes

    Well it’s a FINE kit however, I don’t really know why Japaness companies always CHANGE ONLY the body kit and CHANGE nothing in the Machine

    Why don’t they be JUST like the (HAMANN, MANSORY and a good Example of Japaness company called INVADER) so people from the Middle East buy Japaness cars too NOT ONLY European cars

    Please correct ME if there is any mistake!

    • Artur Kirakosyan

      Because Lexus wants to keep the brand name as a reliable vehicle. and those engine upgrades do exactly the opposite. US being the biggest market for Lexus, people here are buying Lexus because its the only reliable luxury brand.

      • Hamed Al Sayes

        And I LIKE ur REPLY Thanks for explaining!

  • BOSS

    Not feeling that spoiler and the LED’s on the bottom, I think the headlight LED is enough for me. The bottom one is just overkill, kinda like the new S class, looks like a damn Christmas tree. But overall this car is not too bad looking.