Two New Videos of the Lexus IS & IS F SPORT

Just released by Lexus Asia Pacific, here are two more videos about the 2014 Lexus IS & IS F SPORT:

(It’s pretty amazing what they can do with computers, but I have to think we’re a few years away from custom building our own cars using digital blueprints.)


  • Timothy

    these are horrible videos that look like they come from a laserdisc from the 90s. Really doesn’t do any justice to these wonderful cars.

  • Sebastien Kroetsch

    Yeah I have to admit the first one sucks but in the F-Sport one it’s nice to hear the sound of the 3.5L screaming with the resonator.

  • Spencer Dyer

    I disagree, I like the videos especially the F-Sport @ :11 the soul of the beast is within!

    • darkride

      I like the connection made with the LFA. Would be nice to see a similar video with an RC-F.

  • PSY

    any1 know how much the 2014 lexus is and the fsport will cost here in the US?

    • BlackDynamiteOnline

      All we can do is speculate.

      I would expect the IS250 to start around $35995, and the F-Sport Pkg to cost at least $3k, probably $4k in the IS350. The 350 I would expect to cost $41-42k, and the 350 F-Sport around $45-46k

  • Angela

    Great videos. It would be really awesome if we can do that.