Video: AutoGuide Previews the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT

Moving along with the next-generation Lexus IS coverage, here’s an exclusive video from AutoGuide:

It’s common knowledge that official car photos are meant to show the vehicle in the best possible light, but the new IS looks stunning in this video.

(Excluding the interior, the IS looks closer to a concept than a production model — very bold decision by Lexus to mirror the LF-CC so closely.)


  • Thomas

    Cant wait to see it in a different color. And in regular trim, instead of this ‘F’ “im so sporty” version.

  • Jay

    I think my 2nd car will be a BMW… I don’t like the new design… Something is off.. hard to explain…

  • Brad

    That’s a great observation KREW! It seems no matter what angle you view the new IS from,all of the character lines flow very well as you move around the vehicle.It doesn’t have a bad angle…something I noticed with the LFA as well.

  • Ayo Doc Shugz Mkize

    i am still going for RC-Fsport coupe

  • Levi

    This car is just amazing. Now we’ll that is a car that will stand out on the road. It looks like from the future. F30 looks outdated. Even an Aventador does not look as futuristic as this. Good chance of seeing the porduction LF-LC close to the concept car.

  • yosafbridge

    Looks a lot more interesting and edgey than the 3 series IMO.

  • OlFius

    “very bold decision by Lexus to mirror the LF-CC so closely” ?
    Sure it’s not vice versa ? I still can’t believe that Lexus first create a coupe and then realize that they actualy need a sedan version.
    But I’m agree, the IS is Integral Stunning !

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    The 3-series just moved to the old-age home!

    I want to see a dark blue with a Tan or Saddle interior.  And I want more colors for the dash than black.

  • Brad

    Just wait till the RC & IS-F come out!!!

  • lexout

    I’d have to agree with Jay, it just doesnt seem to work. Not sure what it is. Also seems to look more Toyota than the previous model.

  • Justsaying

    It looks like someone put a spindle grill on an Acura RSX…

  • William A

    This is the most-unique design in the entire entry-level segment. I don’t think Lexus has ever been able to accomplish that until now.

    I love the headlights.


    hmmm this new Lexus seems like the new acura tl when it first came out or the infiniti cars, either you like it or not…

  • IS-F Fan

     I hope the IS-F in not going to be a shallow upgrade of the IS-F Sport.  Lexus needs to produce a genuine competitor to the  BMW M3.

  • Brad

    I so much agree.I just hope the rumors arn’t true about Lexus not bringing one to the table at all.For now,I’ll take the hear say with a grain of salt & hope for the best!

  • krew

    I specifically chose the word “mirrored” for this very reason — I believe that the LF-CC concept was created after the production IS design was finished, but the fact that they mirror each other is a real surprise. 

    Lexus has a history of releasing daring concepts and then softening the design in production — certainly not the case here!

  • Josh

    I want to like this design… I really want to. But I don’t. I’ve never been a fan of the ‘spindle’ grill design. This looks like a concept model that needs more work. The interior however looks really nice. Maybe this design will grow on me? I always thought my next car would be a Lexus IS.

  • Primatives

    hmm something about those lights doesnt do it for me i think if the colour was darker it would mask them, i am not digging the strip on individual LED. would have preferred the fiber optic led where its one continuous line. But I do like the aggressive grille.

  • Qooney

    How do you do,
    name is qooney ,from japanese
    I have a 2008  IS250ver.s
    that’s a nice new IS!  It’s cool
    by the way,please ask me!  information of 2door coupe
    I am sorry for poor English

  • ofos

    The more I look at it the more I like it. Good job, Lexus! Don’t care about those who  criticize it, they will come around eventually.