Lexus LFA & SC 430 Featured in Top Gear’s Worst Car in the History of the World Special

Lexus LFA in the Worst Car History World

Last week, Top Gear released their The Worst Car in the History of the World DVD special, and two Lexus cars were featured. This is both good and bad — first off, there’s this segment with the LFA where Jeremy Clarkson calls the Lexus supercar “absolutely perfect” and “bloody brilliant”:

Unfortunately (and unfairly, if I may say), the second Lexus featured does not fare so well. I won’t spoil the ending just yet — jump to 1:01 of this video and see for yourself:

(This video above is the full special, and will not be available on Youtube for much longer. Be sure to watch it while you have the chance.)


Eventually, Jeremy Clarkson & James May name the SC 430 as the “worst car in the history of the world”. This is a laughable decision made to balance out their praise of the LFA — my first instinct is to defend the SC, but the very idea is pure nonsense. Like all Top Gear episodes, it’s in the pursuit of entertainment and not something to take seriously.

(Thanks LF-Eh!)


  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    They got the LFA right, which is what’s most important…..

  • WorldofLuxury

    Definitely! As long as they admire the LFA, I’m fine! The SC isn’t for them; they never liked it. Oh well. This just made my week!!!

  • V12mind

    As an owner of the original SC, the 2nd-gen didn’t appeal to me very much.  It was too rounded and looked rather plain.  Very different it was to low sleek and elegant design of the 1st-gen.  The new convertible feature set it directly against the the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class which at the time was in its R230 body style — arguably the most beautiful Mercedes in recent decades.  The 2nd-gen SC was doomed for mediocrity from the beginning.  By its fifth MY, it had become rather archaic made evident by the fact that it was one of the last cars to be shipped with a cassette tape deck. 

    Here’s hoping that the next SC will be a true successor to the 1st-gen. 

  • LexusLVR

    Humorous episode. Well made and entertaining.

    This particular episode brought back memories of the Peugeot 504 Break Diesel I drove for nearly three months while working in Algeria. The mileage counter only had space for five digits but I was told that the car had a little over 400,000 km on it with the original engine and transmission. It was rather comfortable and even drove well (one of the last RWD Peugeots) and although the body was showing signs of rust and abuse, the car still felt solid and well-made. And for an old diesel it felt rather agile, to. Although I didn’t own the car, I did miss it when I had to give it back to the company who lent it to me.

  • MD

    They heaps of praises for the LFA makes my day. What an incredible and beautifully made video.

    “This is not a supercar….this is not a GT car….this is not a sports car…..this is a race car”

    “Absolutely perfect”

    “Bloody brilliant”

    “Beautifully engineered”

    Wow! I have never heard Clarkson ever get swooned by another car like he finally is after 2 years of refusing to drive it.

  • Marcus Wilby

    As ever with Top Gear its more about the entertainment along the way than the result/outcome, but I always miss it when its not on..   And as said its always beautifully shot. 

    Nice to see the LFA getting some good press from Clarkson, I do agree that the SC was a bit of a disaster for a Lexus but worst car is stretching it a bit! (Well a lot!)  

  • Thomas .

    The SC really has to be one shitty car. I’ve never driven one, but all I hear is it’s utter crap. Let’s not fool ourselves, us Lexus-fans, Lexus can make crap too, sometimes. So dont be all apologetic about it!

  • LF_EH

    The stock wheels were ugly, but not worst car in history ugly

  • Alex

    The LFA is amazing, just like Lexus itself is finally becoming, but the SC is one ugly motherf***

  • F1orce

    I think the main problem with the SC430 was that people didn’t know exactly what it was..

    It was like a grand tourer not a sports car.. The previous gen SC was good though.

    But yeah the SC430 just was not right..

  • Yong Thian Ding

    Some people just doesn’t understand the design of the SC430 .

  • Wooski

    Rather hilariously Jeremy and James have just done the Graham Norton chat show in the UK to be told by Norton that he owned “the worst car” and he loved it!  

  • Ed Cassidy

    I just got here after spoilers after watching Graham Norton – and yes, I agree, having Graham confess that he owned that car (amongst many others, eg Porsche), and that it was his “favorite” added some doubt with regards to the credibility of Jeremy’s decision :)

  • Nottathing

    OK, I’ve driven one of these.  Didn’t own it; was driving a colleagues after dropping him at the airport. Driving that car was awful; mismatch of wheel/runflat tire and suspension settings made it a mess on anything but perfect roads.  A surprising amount of body flex; driving over a expansion joint created body judder like I was trying to break the car.  Hitting the gas in a straight line was rapid but not breathtaking.  At the time was told the tires were about $380/each and lasted about 15k miles…this was about 10 years ago. 

  • Josey

    I would like to know the last year that the SC 430 (old design) was made. I love the old design , not so much the new. Thank you.
    Josey Hayes

  • HiDest

    Own a SC 430 Pebble Beach Edition..The slowest sports car I’ve owned, sluggish, but arguably the most comfortable…..Mazda RX-8 6 speed was the fastest..I kid you not…a car you have to learn to drive…

  • AdVantageV12

    Great epsiode – the only thing that was a really off kilter was James May proclaiming the FORD GT to be one of the “worst cars ever made” ……i know Clarkson had one – but i don’t think Captin Slow has seen the going rate for the GT these days (and especially the prices the past year or so) …….put it this way – they are laughing all the way to the bank with the way this car holds and increases it’s value over time ……
    I have been in this car and it is my favorite bar none……and i have driven many exotics over the years …..forget the GT40 and the 60′s – this car stands as one of the all time classics ……