Mystery Lexus LFA Spotted at Nürburgring

A Lexus LFA has been spotted on the Nürburgring sporting a number of unique modifications:

Mystery Lexus LFA Front

Mystery Lexus LFA Side

Mystery Lexus LFA Rear

Looking like a Nürburgring Edition for the most part, this LFA has been augmented with a new front lip spoiler, side skirts, and a major exhaust modification — here’s a close-up:

Lexus LFA Exhaust Modification

Right now, there’s no details whatsoever, but there is a notable AD-A decal right behind the front wheels:

Lexus LFA AD-A Decal

So is it a new LFA race car? An official prototype for a future LFA revision? A gutsy owner? Leave your best guess in the comments.

[Source: GMotors]


  • Sora Yi

    Pretty sure that’s a lambo, dude.

  • Yong Thian Ding

    - What is AD-A ? That’s a question .
    – Front bumper have two vent on side .
    – Exhaust is gone , diffuser is different .
    – Big Carbon-Fiber lips under Sideskirt .
    – Front lip seems to have more extreme shape .
    – Rear spoiler is much taller than Nur one .
    – Rear grille is much different now .
    – One more vent on the hood .

    • Pattebb

      Yes i see that vent to, and i think side skirts look diffrent to..Because of the vent i hope they have put on superchager or turbo to the engine, or are they testing a turbo 4,6l v8..
      And ofcourse they can have FI in this car, many supercars have that for much power..I think that v10 would sound awsome with twin turbo or supercharger..

      • Yong Thian Ding

        The lip under the sideskirt is much larger than Nurburgring Edition though .

  • Bartek Starak

    Hmm, maybe LFA Hybrid ?

  • Ljn71

    Never a dull moment with Lexus!

  • BOSS

    It’s the #500 LFA Pebble Beach edition! lol, all jokes aside. Maybe it’s the Lexus LFA Hiromu Naruse tribute edition!

  • Sebastien Kroetsch

    The exhaust system makes me think they might have used turbos at the end of the exhaust for lack of space under the hood. Can you smell 700hp LFA II?

    • 05RollaXRS

      No those are exhaust pipes routed to where the radiators used to be. It has nothing to do with turboes. Lexus would never put turboes on that V10 when they have many methods to make more power out of it naturally aspirated and they have to keep racing with LFA at the forefront where turboes fail miserably.

  • LF_EH

    I second the rear turbo set up

    Some big pipes in the back

  • przem

    Another attempt to beat Nurburgring lap time…mr2

  • Crux

    Goose pimples. Whaaaa-isssss-itttt? 

  • Crux

    Btw this color scheme makes me want to eat it. Its like the skittles ice cream, ever had those? 

    Love it! 

  • Roman Pogoretskiy

    Looks pretty darn serious!!!! Probably the prototype/mule for the super LFA II…. oh yeah! 

  • Nitin Jadhav

    Turbo LFA please!…

    • 05RollaXRS

      No way!!!!! Lexus LFA is an exotic supercar that is firmly rooted in racing. It will not be a top tier contender in racing so they would never do that. If this is indeed LFA2 then it will make more power naturally aspirated and have a more bone chilling sound possibly with a 10,000 rpm redline.

      It is not a 1/4 mile car so there is no point destroying that great V10 sound, throttle response and adding so much weight to the front of the car It is quicker around the track than 99.9% exotics and that is all that matters.

  • Ljn71

    AD-A? What could that mean?

  • Apple Phar

    It’s the official car of the American Dental Association!  (lol)

  • BlackDynamiteNY

    How about one more swing at a 7:10 time at The Ring?

  • Raptor

    I am pretty sure it’s the new Lexus LFA Smurf addition.  :)

  • darkride

    They are probably trying to make it as aerodynamic as possible. Completely flat underbody with rear diffuser. They also have the small four plastic bits “strageically placed aero-stabilizing fins” just in front of the tail light fins. Lexus has used these on the new GS tail lights, as well as the new ES side A-panel to create air vortex’s to improve stability. The GT86/FR-S/BRZ also have this technology on tail lights. This may be used in part to help re-stabilize the air flow that has been directed via the side mirror channels that misses going into the air scoop.

    I’m not aerodynamic expert so this is all just a guess of course.

  • Chris

    Perhaps a test car for a new record with Aero tweaks.
    It could also be a tester for the new ISF GsF LSF (v8) engine. The exhaust setupmis very different. Is there a soundtrack from this car.
    There is one other option a hybrid drivetrain for the future lf-lc.
    Lexus has said if this car was to be realesed it would have around 500 HP

  • Joe

    Could this be some sort of mod from TMG ?  Did you notice that no single strip of camouflage was used? 

  • DavidHayter

    Or could it be a convertible version of the LFA? (I really hope not. Not a fan of convertible sports cars since they tend to add more weight).

  • DuDE

    LFA II Test mule?

  • Brad

    I want to hear what it sounds like sooooo bad!

  • WHAT?

    Lexus LFA II. I strongly believe the Lexus NE could topple the 7:10 mark if the car was equipped with super slicks on and not with reg tires

    • darkride

      Yes that would be true, but the record wouldn’t count towards anything. All production vehicles are required to have OEM tires when doing record laps. For the announcement of production car lap times, submission of an official announcement, accompanied by an on-board video with telemetry, and a mention of the OEM tires used have become customary.

  • Walter

     @tiago damn that LFA car sticks on the road like glue. did you guys know that, that V10 can redline up to 12000rpm? as rpm increase so does the speed. it formula one style.

  • Bobby

    wow that is just awesome. Seriously hope its named after Narase, but still gonna miss the LFA signature 3 port exhaust.

  • Erich Kerner

    looks like Lexus brings some “serious” updates for there LFA….i am no expert either but this LFA looks so different – in details – to me.

    I would call this LFA a “major” facelift edition. Like other users already said – the only question is: same engine? or more powerful?

  • ForumJapAuto
  • 05RollaXRS

    Video proof that this is an extreme version or a new variant of the Lexus LFA

    This puts the turbo or hybrid rumors to rest

  • Yong Thian Ding

    Instead of exhaust come out from where the radiator used to be , I think the exhaust is under the diffuser & become blown diffuser … I might be wrong though … but please don’t move the radiator to somewhere else .

  • masterpapers

    my dream…

  • Futures Passed

    The rear wing looks a bit small, but other than that it looks fantastic.