Lexus LFA Participates in Nürburgring 52nd ADAC ACAS Race

Lexus LFA Racing Nürburgring 52

As a final test leading up to the Nürburgring 24h race, Lexus participated in this weekend’s Nürburgring 52. ADAC ACAS H&R-Cup race.

Only one LFA participated in the race, as Iceland’s volcanic ash prevented support personnel from getting to the track in time to run the second LFA—the IS F team also participated. Here are photos from the race by TLE pal Thomas Biesenbach:

In a tragic turn, the race was ended immediately following a fatal accident involving Aston Martin driver Leo Löwenstein. My condolences to Löwenstein’s family and the entire Aston Martin team.



  1. Lexus is fastest car in sp8. i hope we run in big league in future.

  2. We forget how dangerous racing is sometimes, don’t we?

  3. It’s a shame what happened. He died of smoke inhalation is what they said at the track. Not sure if that has changed or if that was the real cause of death. But on the LFA, it was doing laps in 8:40 compared to the corvette which was doing laps around 9 minutes even. We were easily much faster than any other competitor in SP8 class. Fastest lap was 8:38. We had one more pit stop than the leading corvette. That’s the only reason we were behind it when the race was stopped. Had it run it’s full length there probably isn’t a doubt the LFA would have won it’s class.