More Lexus SC 600h Rumors

Included as part of Motor Trend‘s Lexus GS-F rumor coverage was this Holiday Auto Magazine rendering of a possible look for the next generation SC:

Next Generation Lexus SC

This sketch manages borrows all the right elements from the existing lineup and puts together with some real potential, and the windshield-to-IS-F-air-vents is just brilliant, but I can’t imagine for one second that SC will be sporting the same grille as the current LS hybrid.

Motor Trend also elaborated on the rumor first spotted in Autocar:

The other star attraction in the upcoming Lexus lineup will be the next generation SC 600h, which is due to be unveiled in mid-2014. While the current SC is scheduled to go out of production in July of this year, the new SC coupe will resurface powered by a 5.0-liter V-8 hybrid system that drives the rear wheels. Set to lock horns with the Mercedes SL, the new luxury two-door is also expected to employ the GS’s rear-wheel torque split unit.

It’s a safe bet that the next-generation SC will be offered with the same engine options as the LS, which would naturally mean using the LS 600hL’s 5.0L hybrid system—still, I can’t believe that the next-generation SC won’t be available until 2014.

[Source: Motor Trend]



  1. BORING! Bland! BLAH!

    The current model, even though it’s simpler, has something only describable by the words “character”, “charisma”, “passion”, and “soul”.

    I don’t like the sound of hybrid, but it does fit the car. If the electric motors really only power the rear wheels, I hope Lexus can give the electric motors more freedom than LSh’s. hehe… 600… I love big numbers!

    I would really like a switch with the options “Normal”, “Stealth”, and “POOOWWWEEERRRRR!!!” The CT already has its own version.

  2. @WorldofLuxury: HAHAHAHA

    You always crack me up smile

    As far as the rumor. I’m unsure what to make of all of it. If anything the next SC will probably debut at an autoshow next year, so we’ll be able to see what’s really going on. I’m more interested in an SC-F than an SCh.

  3. The front bumper and the headlamps look very much like the LF-Ch. The angular, slanted, and pointy headlamps give it a very aggressive look. I like it.

  4. CT2ooh in SILVER !!


  5. Seems to aggressive IMO for the SC demographic.  I don’t see a 50+ person pulling up at the local country club in this. 
    Although I could see myself pulling my golf bag out of the trunk at my local course smile But then again I’m in my mid 20s

  6. I don’t understand why they keep reporting that the next SC won’t be released untill 2014. Where do they get there information from? Is it even a credible source?

    I like the idea of the SC600h. By the way, it won’t be called the SC600hL unless it comes in a long wheel base, as the ‘L’ always means long wheel base. And I doubt there will ever be a long wheel base coupe.

    This is what I’m expecting:

    2010- Lexus stops production of 2G SC430 and shows concept for next generation.
    2011- Lexus enveils the 2012 SC460.
    2012- Lexus enveils the SC F and the SC600h

    I say all of this because of what’s happened in the past. We saw a concept for the LS and GS, both of which were produced shortly after the concept arrived. Hybrids and F-models have always come out a year after the non-hyrbid version comes out. The GSh came out a year after the GS, the LSh came out a year after the LS, the IS F came out a year after the IS, and so on. My time line also follows Lexus’ trend with the SC as well. There was a gap between the 1G and 2G, why would the 3G be any different?

  7. @seal: From the picture, I can’t help but think of all the Lexus press pictures that show too much of the grille, such as the inner vertical slats of the LX 570. I feel like that the CT was designed so it would look best if the horizontal slats weren’t very conspicuous.

    Whoa… I never saw that hood bulge reminiscent of the first-generation IS.
    And I wonder if the CT would look good with chrome around the foglights and an actual opening right above to cool the brakes.

  8. I’m with James… I don’t see why the SC would be hybrid only. I think they’ll make a regular V8 version then a hybrid, rather than a dedicated SC hybrid only. I can’t wait until 2014 to see it; I hope that part of the rumor is not true.

    I like the rendering!

  9. It probably will be hybrid only. Or if they wait long enough it will be electric only. Because that’s the future. And the future is coming faster than ever. And you have to accept it.

  10. SC600hL as long as its the same length as new the S-class coupe I am happy.

  11. I have a feeling this car is gonna be awesome….

  12. Haha—oops! I got so used to writing LS 600hL that I put an L on the SC—fixed the title. crying

  13. sweet God thats beautiful…just make it non hybrid:-D

  14. @jesseps: @krew:
    YEAH! I want Lexus to give us a two-seater and a big four seater with a wheelbase longer than the LS 460 L’s!

  15. The illustration must be taken with more than a few grains of salt.Such visual predictions tend to be quite unreliable.I do hope the next SC isn’t as far off as 2014,and I’d love an “F” version.

  16. @Eljay: Someone on Club Lexus made the point of just how heavy this 6.0L V8 hybrid is—with that weight, this SC 600h certainly wouldn’t take the place of a proper SC-F.

    I guess we could be looking at another possible use for the LFA’s V10. wink