Four Seasons Lexus IS F Review from Car Magazine

Lexus IS F Long Term ReviewCar Magazine has just wrapped up its Four Seasons review of the Lexus IS-F, and like most of these long-term test drives, it’s interesting to see what the year brings (although it does sound like the author and the IS F fit together like a square peg in a round hole).

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  1. A bit of a sad story there.

    I really enjoyed the Lexus but if I had £50k to spend on a sports saloon I'd probably spend it on a BMW M3, providing I could live with its massively inferior fuel consumption. Predictable, I know, but the bigger boot, folding back seats and softer ride would have as much to do with my purchase as its more interesting engine or more flamboyant cornering style, although a new limited slip diff option should even things on that count.

    You cannot be serious that you’d prefer an M3 because of the bigger boot! You really don’t buy this car to haul furniture or whatever it is. Maybe get a minivan next to the IS-F for that. If this is the conclusion after driving an IS-F for a whole year, then you’ve lost contact with reality.

  2. This is my post to the Car Magazine Review. SOC

    Well I’m confused by this review.  It seems there is a real effort in the auto press to find something to criticize with any Lexus.  Does the writer want a sport sedan or a starion wagon?  Do you really want an M3 instead of an ISF because of a bigger trunk (boot)?  Well if so recheck the specs because the ISF has a slightly larger trunk than the BMW.  It is nice to see the appreciation for the gas mileage that can be acheived from a 416 hp V8 but, it really seems that auto writers just have to find something negative to say about any Lexus.  Why?

    07 February 2010 22:01

  3. If you don’t think the trunk size matters, why even buy an ISF? If we’re going by performance alone, I want an Ariel Atom. People buy these cars because they use the trunks. Also, truck size on paper doesn’t tell you what you can actually fit in it. Just because one may be a little bigger, the other may actually have more usable space or be shaped more efficiently.

    In any case, the IS-F is a badass car. So is the M3. They’re so closely matched that the differences are going to be minimal. One person may find that a slightly larger truck is the deal breaker. Another may think an extra cupholder makes all the difference in the world. That’s why people choose different vehicles. If one were truly better, everyone would buy it.@Hube: