Lexus LF-Ch Photos from Frankfurt Auto Show

As per usual, Autoblog has delivered the goods—check out their gallery of Lexus LF-Ch photos from the Frankfurt Auto Show (click to go to full photos):

Lexus LF-Ch from Frankfurt

My immediate reaction to the photos is that the wheels are just too flashy for the concept, but everything else seems entirely in line with the press photos from last week. In particular, the interior has a much better look in the full IRL photos:

Lexus LF-Ch Interior

[Source: Autoblog]



  1. The exterior looks incredible… from the front. Not so much from the rear.

  2. i like the interior a lot

  3. I love the rims.  The interior looks possible, not to futuristic as with many concept cars, but over all i like it.


  5. perfect. just perfect. please make the production version 100% same…but smoked wheels please.

  6. thanks for the link Eddie, it looks killer, i really want to see the lights sad

  7. yea. no

  8. Wow! You’re the best Eddie!
    The car is gorgeous! If that’s the production model, I take back everything bad I’ve said about Lexus (except for the 600h grille, I’ll probably never forgive that).
    I wonder how many of them are going to get shipped to Canada… and how much they’re going to cost.

  9. The dimensions are so… serious… There’s almost no emotion in the design. The side is so flat… the headlights might be a little better than the renderings and spy shots.

    I didn’t post the link ‘cause we gotta keep our hopes up for the car’s debut. lol