Gold Chrome-Foiled Lexus LX 570

While browsing the Club Lexus LX 570 forum, I came across this gold chrome-foiled LX:

Lexus LX570 Gold Chrome Paint Front

Lexus LX570 Gold Chrome Paint Rear

Apparently, this is a service by a company called foilacar, which basically wraps the vehicle’s exterior in foil. Pretty amazing technology—though I’m mixed about the results. As a concept, I’m all over unique finishes, but I have no idea what I would think if I saw this on the road.

For more pics, and a couple other chrome-foiled cars, be sure to check out the original thread.



  1. WOW. this looks pretty good.

  2. I’m speechless… the quality of the finish and all is just astounding!

  3. Exactly what I thought—I can’t believe it’s a wrap.

  4. If you saw one on the road, you’d likely get blinded by the glare off the body ! Looks like it has Abu Dhabi plates. The Arabs are crazy when it comes to cars. There are so manys examples of similar crazy vehicles especially in the U.A.E. One such gentleman (from Dubai, I think) was not content with his regular Range Rover Sport, so he sent it to the US & got it converted into the Land Rover Range Stormer concept car complete with scissor doors & the exact same paint finish.

  5. If I was sitting on an oil field, I’d probably do the same exact thing—might even be crazier. wink

  6. This is totaly photoshoped!!! .... its way obvious!

  7. This is a moster, something can go with you every where you are even sleep in.