Wald Body Kit for the 2010 Lexus RX 350

2010 Lexus RX with Wald Body Kit

Wald International has released a Black Bison body kit for the new Lexus RX—first off, here’s the photo gallery:

All the things that made the Black Bison design look so awkward on the IS-F end up adding some real character to the RX. There are minor complaints: the IS-F style grille looks great but clashes with the under-spoiler’s mesh pattern, and the rear bumper needs to be paint-matched, but all in all, it adds visual interest to the vehicle.

What do you think?



  1. LOL

    The cladded on lower front bumper seems to be from a Jaguar XF!

    I suppose that the bodykit is alright, but the funny thing is that the more I look at it, the more I seem to admire the original RX styling - esp. the picture of the side profile ...besides the long front and rear overhangs, of course.

    I recently saw the new RX in black, and being able to see only the rear was good enough. The biggest difference seemed to be the wider stance, and I actually like the “jewelry” effect of the taillights - something that they are attempting to get at in the HS.

    And the extra emphasis on the rear spoiler below the rear windshield is a bit too much ...the first generation RX concept, am I right?

  2. Wow, and I didn’t even clue in that the rear spoiler was an add-on. Great integration—reminds me of the Acura MDX somehow.

  3. Yeah, that front underspoiler is definitely cribbing from the Jaguar designs, good eye!

    I also prefer the new RX without the body kit, but could see how this would be appealing to people.

  4. ya i thot the front spoiler thing looked like the jaguar x type and the rear dent above the lexus L looks like the one used on the new infiniti fx…but eh it looks okish

  5. I’m really digging this body kit, even the unpainted part on the rear bumper - it adds the “sporty” look. Is there any way to get this kit in Canada? (Namely the GTA.)

  6. The kit’s only just been released in Japan, so I imagine it will take some time to see it in North America. I’ll be sure to post once I find out for sure.

  7. What are the wheels in the picture of the rx with the body kit??

  8. My mistake, I meant the Wald Portofino 13f:


  9. this thing is a photoshop.

    in the rear view shot, the rear tires are different.

  10. Oh yeah, definitely a photoshop. Wald tends to release a digital mockup before showing the body kit for the first time. (I should have mentioned this in the post.)

  11. Please post when this is available in the states and the cost.

  12. Where do you get lowering kits for this 2010 rx350?

  13. I must say, this looks pretty bad. As other commenters have mentioned, Wald took a page out of Jaguar’s book with the grille. And the lowering kit makes it look kind of like a Toyota Venza with a Lexus logo. Maybe its just the pics, but it makes the RX look longer and lower than the normal RX.

  14. i luv my rx 350….

  15. The kit looks great. The one on the LandCruiser looks really crazy yow, I love them. Havent seen the IS one yet

  16. I want to upgrade our 2004 RX 330
    I want it to have 2 exhaust pipes and to add body kits.
    Any info.

  17. Is it just me, or do the tires look like they’re different widths in the picture of the rear of the RX?

  18. anonymous:Is it just me, or do the tires look like they're different widths in the picture of the rear of the RX?


  19. i wish i could aford one of thoes but i can’t i really love this car nice car!:-(:-(