Rumor of a Lexus IS-F Evolution

Lexus IS-F Evolution

According to Japanese auto magazine Best Car, Lexus continues to work on a lightweight version of the IS-F, dubbed the IS-F Evolution.

The main focus on the IS-F Evolution would be reducing weight, where up to 300lbs could be dropped by using carbon fiber anywhere possible. Possible body panels would include the front bumper, front fenders, the rear bumper and rear “over-fenders” (??). The car could also be equipped with carbon ceramic brakes and wider wheels (245/35/19 front and 275/30/19 rear). Best Car even mentions the possiblity of an all carbon body option, but that seems a little fanciful.

Even the interior would get the carbon treatment, with carbon leather Recaro front seats and an all-carbon center console.

All this carbon wouldn’t be cheap, and Best Car estimates that the IS-F Evolution could hit $170,000USD. This would be a higher pricetag than the Nissan GTR Spec-V, which in turn pushes this rumor into questionable territory. On top of everything, Best Car was also responsible for the first rumor of this vehicle two years ago, and has yet to be verified by any other source.

(And really, Evolution?)

[Source: Best Car via 7tune]



  1. Great if it comes to fruition…..this is something that Lexus needs to consider on the LSF to compete with the various upscale sport versions of MB S63, etc. The one thing I don’t like is the cost of the lighter materials pushing the price into orbit. I understand the lighter weight gives more power, but $170k for the ISF is unbelievable….this thing should 0-60 in 3 seconds for that much cash and weight reduction…no mention on the change in the engine to increase HP and output. I do know that the new President (Mr.Toyoda) grandson of founder of Toyota is head strong on changing lexus into a much more competitive and sport spirited company…...I’m sure to see changes soon across the board…he is younger and wants to freshen things up a bit.Stay tuned…we already see some of his persuasion and influences now.





    id like to see a carbon fiber ISF. losing 300 pounds would make it probably go half a second faster in 0-60, not even counting if there will be an engine upgrade. but i don’t believe the price should hit over 100k, unless it is offered in a supercar platform like an LFA base.

  3. Note that the higher price may be in reference to JDM pricing.