Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson Destroys a Lexus

Just in case you didn’t know how Jeremy Clarkson felt about Lexus, his position should be abundantly clear after viewing this excerpt from his new DVD Thriller:

Sure, we’ve heard him refer to the SC 430 as the “worst car currently available”, and last month he refused to even admit he liked the IS-F, but blowing up an LS 400 with a tank makes it a vendetta.

I’d launch into an all-out debunk of his points, but in light of the Tesla fiasco this week, and it’s quite clear Clarkson’s a caricature, with little regard for reason. Makes for good viewing, but little else.



  1. lol…I remember seeing the ad for this

    It’s my favorite TV presenter destroying my favorite car x]

  2. I saw his DVD and it was quite good.

    Yes he destroyed a Lexus BUT he also said that the build quality of the car is just amazing. His critizism was just about the car being very dull. And he is not wrong with that!
    I mean the main theme of the DVD was about thrill. Not exactly Lexus territory… Maybe on his next DVD the LF-A will get a better review…

  3. sad

    that poor LS400

    He should have shot at the Hilux lol see if that thing would start after being riddled with bullets

  4. LOL

    Its funny how he says fire, they start firing again but he is talking about the car on fire lol

  5. Lexus really should listen to what JC said… What he said is the reason why Lexus is still such a failure in Europe… Lexus can’t even sell 1/10 of what te Germans did… Now Infiniti is entering Europe and the comment is much better than Lexus.. SO lets see what will happen to Lexus in future… By the way, they can stop selling their stupid Hybrid in Europe as Europe has far more better and cheaper diesel car for them… So Prius as well as those Hybrid Lexus should just leave Europe…

  6. In response to Mr Clarkson’s passions. I watch that show, find it quite amuzing and i am a Lexus fan.  I do respect his way of acknowledging that the ISF is truly the new favorite sports car. They never show a lexus (very rarely) and suddanly two episodes almost back to back with a lexus, first he drives and experiences the thrill, and perfection behind the ISF and retorts by blowing up the LS400. Actions really do speak louder than words. I will continue to buy Lexus, watch his show, and learn on this website!! its almost better that he doesn’t like Lexus so he doesn’t ruin the experience for the rest of us to find out for ourselves…sorry i had to get one in there, so painfull seeing that car go!!!

  7. That was what I was thinking…
    Jezza was criticizing the LS in such a way as promoting it simultaneously. You don’t think he actually likes Lexus a bit, eh? ...‘cause from the way he speaks of Lexus on TV and the internet, it seems to me as if Clarkson isn’t calling the Lexus brand a “just another Japanese captain obvious.”

    Deep down under (not too far under), Clarkson really has a sweet spot for Lexus wink

  8. Haha. Wouldn’t that be something? Maybe Clarkson’s ashamed of loving Lexus?

  9. Agreed. I think I was just irked about the Tesla fudging last week when I wrote this. wink