Top Gear Video Review of the Lexus IS-F

The Lexus IS-F finally made its Top Gear appearance this weekend, competing against the BMW M3:

Also part of the episode was the Stig pushing the IS-F around the Top Gear track:

The results were a forgone conclusion, I can’t imagine anyone’s all that surprised that Jeremy Clarkson preferred the BMW M3 over the IS-F. However, the IS-F made a surprisingly good showing, Clarkson was genuinely impressed, and I certainly wasn’t expecting that.

As always, it’s a great video — but be sure to watch it quickly, as Top Gear clips don’t remain on Youtube for long.

(Thanks Hube!)



  1. I would have liked to see Jeremy driving the M3 and the race car driver driving the Lexus.  I suspect the results would have been different.

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprise if the pro driver was in an IS250 and he beat JC in the M3.  For that matter the pro driver could be in an BMW 1 series and he would have beaten JC in the M3 or ISF.

  2. Yes, I hardly think that Clarkson not being able to keep up with a professional driver is the best yardstick. I was surprised he managed to do was well as he did.

  3. lol

    I loved the show. It’s way better than last week’s, and I’m glad that the Jezza was that much of an a**. smile

    I think most of the people understand how this show isn’t to be taken taken all that seriously. wink
    Thank god Jezza didn’t get all crazy with the bleeping.

    ...although…it wouldn’t be redundant if Clarkson simply said something that would end with an “inappropriate” word where the car would come in. LOL

  4. Don’t forget the weight difference wink He keeps on complaining the IS-F is heavier, however most of the added weight is his own smile

  5. Are the ISF’s quad exhausts really fake and just for show?

  6. It was finally determined that the exhaust tips were just for show, and that the mufflers cut off an inch or so away.