Lieberman reviews the Lexus LS 600h L (Part Two)

2008 Lexus LS 600h L

I may have found it a week late, but the time allowed this Lexus LS 600hL review by Jonny Lieberman to fill up with some of the best comments I’ve read regarding the hybrid limo’s appeal. Here’s a quote from the article itself:

I disagree with every review of the Lexus LS600hL ever written. Categorically. To a man, my colleagues misinterpret the most expensive Lexus as a misguided planet-saver that doesn’t deliver enough mpg to justify its sky-high price tag. I view the ultimate hybrid as better driving through science. In fact, despite the dorky “hybrid” badges uglifying the LS600hL’s flanks, Lexus didn’t build this beast to sip fuel. They built it to go toe-to-toe with 12-cylinder Germans.

The LS600hL is no design statement, like the 760Li. It doesn’t announce, “I have a huge wallet” like a Mercedes S600. The LS design is much more Audi A8 W12, only without the goatee. The restrained yet handsome lines strike the same chord as VW’s Phaeton. Only this time they’re brand correct.

This marks the second time Lieberman has reviewed the LS 600hL (the first time was for Jalopnik), and this second go-round is just as enjoyable as the first. In fact, it speaks volumes that the writer would think to revisit the car, convinced as he is that the flagship sedan is getting an unfair reputation.

This was a review I agreed with 100%, and it seemed to echo with the TTAC readership, as the article piled up pages of comments with almost no negativity.

Great read.



  1. Personally i have to disagree. If it is supposed to compete with the v12’s than it has to be as fast right?? But it isn’t… it is as fast as an ls460 and gets pretty much the same mileage (less trunk room too) than why not get an ls460?? You can supposedly COMPETE with the german v12’s for 30k less!! You pay 30k extra for AWD. IMHO I think it is just a marketing ploy which turned out very well for Lexus. I don’t really blame em they are here to make $$$ but i am not going to embrace this product for what they say it is just because it comes from my favorite auto company.

    BTW congratz on the 1 year anniversary of the site. IMO it is the best site for regular Lexus news keep up the good work!

  2. I just love those headlights…lol
    There’s that annoying feeling of regret that I’m afraid to have if I drove down my block in an LS 460, and someone pulls up in an LS 600h L.
    God those headlights from the LF-Sh are awesome!
    I have to say…I thought Lexus went crazy when I saw the LS 460 L’s debut.

  3. Zair: The funny thing is that with its 5.2 second 0-60mph, the LS 600h L is actually faster than the V12 Audi A8 ( & BMW 750iL (5.4). In fact, it’s only 0.1 seconds slower than a twin-turbo Mercedes S600. It’s definitely in line with the competition. (Thanks for the compliments!)

    WorldofLuxury: Couldn’t agree more, they’re fantastic. smile

  4. Admittedly a very small market, but the 600h makes sense compared to the 460 with the CO2 based car tax scheme over here. The 600h is only marginally more expensive and you get the added AWD (quite nice on Norwegian winter roads). If it wasn’t for the 600h’s added weight it would be considerably cheaper than the 460.

    Another example: the RX400h is 20% cheaper than the RX350 for the same reason. Needless to say, the 350 hasn’t been a big seller since the hybrid came along.