Video of the Lexus LF-A Racing Prototype on Nürburgring

A short video of the Lexus LF-A Racing prototype beaming its way through Nürburgring has emerged:

The sound of the supercar is practically insane, and judging by the ridiculous speed it’s capable of, could Toyota just being playing mindgames when they stated that they would not be looking to win the 24hour Nürburgring in May?

(It does sound like the brakes need some servicing at the end of the video, though.)



  1. Race brakes have a tendency to squeek a lot if they're not warmed up enough, and it can take a couple of laps for that to happen.

    Anyway, exciting stuff! Love this car so very much.

  2. I should have put a winking icon at the end of that sentence. Thanks for commenting, Mike!

  3. Very nice find!!! This post has been picked up by Autoblog, other car news sites. The LF-A does sound like a force of nature!