Comparison: Lexus LS 600hL/Jaguar Super V8/Mercedes-Benz S550/Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT

Motor Trend Lexus LS 600hL Comparison Test

Motor Trend assembled some super saloons in their latest ultra-luxury sedan comparison test, pitting the Lexus LS 600hL against the Jaguar Super V8, Mercedes S550 & Maserati Quattroporte Sport. The LS 600hL didn’t have a great showing, at least in the driving department:

The all-wheel-drive Lexus exhibited pigheaded understeer in most corners, often attended by the beep-beep nagging of the stability nanny. Switching it off kills the beeps, but never allows one scintilla of chassis slip angle. And despite being fitted with $3000 worth of active anti-roll bars, the LS 600hL seemed to roll as much or more than the other cars here, even when set to “sport” mode (it’s borderline nautical in “comfort”). Charging hard up the hill depleted the battery quickly (actually, pressing the gas pedal on any type of road kills the battery quickly), and horsing the CVT through its eight virtual gear ratios with liberal doses of carpet-crushing throttle provoked an unseemly “hybrid system overheat” warning. We didn’t find the hybrid gear equal to sacrificing a golf-bag’s worth of trunk space for and, after this session, all editors were ready to red-pencil the 600 badge down to a 500.

I’m of two minds with the review and its emphasis on driving performance, as I see it as a secondary consideration in this class. That’s hardly a justification for its fourth place finish, though.



  1. They chose the Maserati Quattroporte as tops here, which shows that performance driving was the primary classification above all.  It’s kinda strange though that they put these vehicles in a comparison…especially when it seems like the LS 460 L would have done better in an analysis which includes cost and does not include the hybrid debate.

  2. I don’t understand the press’ refusal to put this car up against the intended V12 competitors.

  3. The outcome for Lexus would be much better if they had taken the LS460, which is much lighter and has still has almost the same amount of power as the others. Still the Lexus shows its winner site: it is really concepted as a luxery car and not a sport sedans car, in that perspective in the beginning of the test they better should tell us to compare four different high powered engine concepts (big displacement (S550), Charger (Jag), High-Rev (Maserati) and Hybrid (Lexus)) and keep the set-up of the car more out of focus

  4. the lexus sucks
    the Mercedes S550 is the winner

  5. Actually, Carlos, the Mercedes S550 lost to the Maserati, at least in this comparison test. Just a heads up.

  6. They forgot about a big contender which is the BMW 7 series and lets not forget the A8. But as stated before I don’t think these cars should be only judged on performance. Most people that buy these cars don’t really care about the performance. Only the brand, looks, features and horsepower.