It all started with the LS400.

I remember the first time I noticed one, admittedly mistaking it for a Mercedes, only to see that silver L and think I’d seen something rare, like a Ferrari or a Lamborgini.

Of course, that wasn’t the case, but the truth impressed me even more, a Japanese Luxury brand, created by Toyota. I was and remain enamored with Japanese culture, and to me it seemed like the perfect vehicle. I knew what my first car purchase was going to be.

Fast forward nine years, finally in the position to buy a car, and there was only one choice — My girlfriend and I bought a 1994 LS400 and my obsession was solidified:

My Lexus LS400 in Alpine Silver

Of course, buying the car was just the beginning. I started spending more and more time on the Lexus forums researching and reading up on every conceivable topic, following every single shred of news. It wasn’t too long before my car and Lexus became an obsession.

This website is a result of that obsession. Welcome to The Passionate Pursuit, dedicated to bringing you all the most up-to-date and interesting news on all things Lexus.

My name is Kevin RE Watts and I can be contacted here.

Let’s begin.



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  2. 1. Do you know where i can get the original lexus commercial with the champagne glasses on the hood.

    2. Also a GS 400 introduction commerical where the “push button start” technology was introduced.

    If i could describe it:  a woman dressed in all black skin tight leotard gracefully descends from a glass roof gets into the GS and pushes the button, then you hear the engine roars to life and the theme music follows. As the engine races, so does the theme music. The engine and the theme music seems to be battling each other…it was overwhelmingly pleasing to the senses.

    If you can help me find these 2 commercials, it i would appreciate it thanks.

  3. Hello there drealinux,

    Team One, Lexus’ advertising management, is very active in removing commercials from most online video sharing services, so most commercials are hard to find.

    If I come across these commercials, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  4. so i’m not the only one obsessed with Lexus.the first time i saw one was when my dad bought my mom an RX for her birthday 5 years we have a 2008 IS250 and i love it to death.