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Dreaming of an IS Coupe & Convertible

From Japan’s car magazine Car Top comes a digital rendition of a Lexus IS Coupe & Convertible:

Keep in mind this is only a photochop and has no real basis in reality, though this car has been hinted at since 2005.

Really, it’s more a question of when we’ll be seeing these cars, because the addition of two IS variants would significantly level the playing field as Lexus tries to cut in on BMW 3-series and Mercedes C-Class sales. At the very least, there’s an IS convertible sized hole in the model lineup.

[Source: Nihon Car]


America’s Favorite Domestic Luxury Car = Lexus?

LS460 in the Red, White, & Blue

The global economy in effect or the growing geographic ineptitude of America?

An Anderson Analytics survey asked 1,000 U.S. college students to name the county-of-origin of particular brands, one of which was Lexus. 33.7% of the respondents believed it to be an American company, with 37.3% correctly identifying the country-of-origin as Japan. Not a particularly poor result, especially in light of the other misidentified brands — only 16.8% of people correctly identified Volvo as Swedish, and 58.4% guessed Land Rover was American.

Some took this as an opportunity to attack American youth and their lack of knowledge, but it seems unfair considering the volume of brands that exist in the world today. Should students really make a point of learning where cars come from? Cell phones?

Unfair, that is, until you find out that half of American students can’t find New York on a map.

[Source: Carscoop]

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Fifth Gear Review of the LS460

Tom Ford of Fifth Gear, the British car show, takes a ride in the new LS460 and really talks up the technology (most of which is not available on North American models): the advanced obstacle detection system, the car’s ability to stay in lane with no user input, driver monitoring and one of the smoothest examples of the self-parking feature I’ve seen yet — the car really does drive itself:


Audi Attack

Audi has gone catty and released a commercial that claws at the Lexus LS460’s ability to park itself:

Not content to be oh-so-subtle with the dig, the car even slides between a LS460 and an IS350.

(Is this about the LS460 winning World Car of the Year over the Audi TT?)

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Celebrity Watch: Rupert Murdoch

In a rather surprising move, Rupert Murdoch took time out from trying to buy the Wall Street Journal to announce his intention to bring News Corporation to a “carbon-neutral” state by 2010.

As part of the campaign, Murdoch “has bought a Toyota-made Lexus GS450H “green” car, and other practical measures include solar-powered golf carts to carry people round the Fox film lot in Hollywood, building environmentally friendly studios, replacing company fleets with hybrids, using renewable energy, and offsetting remaining emissions by financing windpower in India.”

Sadly, there were no photos of Rupert in his GS, so I whipped up something in Photoshop:

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It all started with the LS400.

I remember the first time I noticed one, admittedly mistaking it for a Mercedes, only to see that silver L and think I’d seen something rare, like a Ferrari or a Lamborgini.

Of course, that wasn’t the case, but the truth impressed me even more, a Japanese Luxury brand, created by Toyota. I was and remain enamored with Japanese culture, and to me it seemed like the perfect vehicle. I knew what my first car purchase was going to be.

Fast forward nine years, finally in the position to buy a car, and there was only one choice — My girlfriend and I bought a 1994 LS400 and my obsession was solidified:

My Lexus LS400 in Alpine Silver

Of course, buying the car was just the beginning. I started spending more and more time on the Lexus forums researching and reading up on every conceivable topic, following every single shred of news. It wasn’t too long before my car and Lexus became an obsession.

This website is a result of that obsession. Welcome to The Passionate Pursuit, dedicated to bringing you all the most up-to-date and interesting news on all things Lexus.

My name is Kevin RE Watts and I can be contacted here.

Let’s begin.