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Photo Gallery: Lexus LC 500 in Gulf Racing Livery

Lexus LC 500 Gulf Racing Livery

Japanese tuner WALD INTERNATIONAL has never been afraid to push the envelope, so painting a Lexus LC 500 with Gulf Racing livery and adding their Sports Line body kit should surprise no one:

The full Sports Line kit is extensive — a front spoiler, side steps, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, front fenders, rear over-fenders, LED fog lights, and a fake front bumper across the grille adds up to an over-the-top treatment of Lexus sports coupe.

Total retail price is a healthy ¥770,000, or $7,300 USD, and availability is scarce outside of Japan.


Lexus Sweeps Podium in Super GT Round 3 in Japan

Lexus LC GT 500

The month of May in Lexus motorsports wraps up with news from Germany and Japan.

Super GT Round 3 at Suzuka (300 km)

Lexus couldn’t ask for a better result as they swept the GT 500 podium and won the GT 300 race.

In GT 500 racing, a trio of Lexus LC 500s finished first (the #36 au TOM’S co-driven by Kazuki Nakajima and Yuhi Sekiguchi), second (the #37 KeePer TOM’S co-driven by Ryo Hirakama and Nick Cassidy) and third (the #6 Wako’s 4CR co-driven by Kazuya Oshima and Kenta Yamashita).

Lexus LC GT 500 Podium

In the GT 300 class, the #96 K-tunes RC F GT3 co-driven by Sena Sakakuchi and Morio Nitta achieved its second win of the season.This, by the way, was Nitro’s 22nd GT 300 victory, making him the series’ winningest-ever driver.

For Round 4 of Super GT racing, the series travels to Thailand on June 30.

ADAC 6 Hours of the Nürburgring Qualification Race

Lexus LC Racing Nürburgring

In advance of the Nürburgring 24 hours endurance race to be held on June 20-23, the storied German racetrack holds a 6-hour Qualification race, known as QF. Lexus’ official factory effort consists of the #56 Gazoo Racing LC co-driven by Takeshi Tsuchiya, Naoya Gamo, Takamitsu Matsui, and Yuichi Nakayama. Competing in the SP-Pro class, it finished in the exact same 24th-place overall position from which it qualified and started the race.

The best result by a Lexus racer, however, was the 20th-place overall finish achieved by the privateer #19 RC F GT3 co-driven by Dominik Farnbacher, Hiroki Yoshimoto and Michael Tischner. This collaboration between Japan Super GT’s Racing Project Bandoh and Nürburgring stalwarts NOVEL Racing competed in the SP9 Pro-Am class.

AustraliaLexus RC F: First GenerationSponsorships

Lexus Broadcasts RC F Engine Sound to Alien Civilizations

Lexus RC F Aliens Space

With the RC F coupe playing a starring role in summer blockbuster Men in Black: International, Lexus Australia decided to the most natural thing would be transmitting the sound of the car’s V8 into…space.

Working with Swinburne University of Technology’s Centre for Astrophysics, Lexus encoded the engine sound into an audio waveform alongside an open invitation to any aliens that may receive the message: “New Lexus RC F. Earth. We’ve been expecting you.”

The transmission was sent from the largest radio telescope in the southern hemisphere — the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (UTMOST) located on the outskirts of Canberra, Australia.

The radio telescope facility, normally used to listen to the galaxy, was modified to allow the message to be beamed directly towards Orion’s Belt – a callback to the original Men In Black film.

JapanLexus LC: First GenerationManufacturing

Inside the Lexus LC Motomachi Manufacturing Plant in Japan

Lexus LC Motomachi

This story was originally published by Lexus Europe.

Craftsmanship is an age-old tradition in Japan, a country where carefully honed skills are passed from generation to generation to make beautiful, expertly crafted objects. This human touch – the immense care and attention to detail that only man, as opposed to technology, can provide – is the backbone of what makes Lexus and its cars so unique.

At Lexus’ Motomachi plant, in Japan’s Aichi prefecture, the LC luxury coupe is produced by a team of Takumi master craftsmen and exceptionally skilled workers, who apply their wealth of knowledge in every step of the manufacturing process. Combining the finest craftsmanship with innovative technologies, Motomachi is one of the most sophisticated car factories in the world. With its distinctively high-tech feel, it is no surprise that it was at this pioneering plant that many of the same engineers and specialists hand-built the iconic LFA supercar. Now, the craftsmen are using the skills that they acquired in the production of the LFA – such as the development of carbon-fiber components and the expert hand-finishing – to manufacture the LC according to the same quality standards and vigorous care.

Lexus LC Motomachi Engine

From body fabrication to test drive, the eight Takumi and other workers each specialize in a specific step of the manufacturing process behind the LC. The team demonstrates a hands-on approach and rigorous precision throughout. At the heart of the brand’s DNA sits the idea that the human touch, mind and spirit are critical in injecting emotion into every Lexus. For this reason, the Motomachi plant has been designed to serve the greatest machine ever created: the human body.

Lexus LC Frames

The tools used by the team conform to the latest in technology, engineered to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship. There are tablets with checklists to hand, designed to improve the production, which includes capturing flaws and making sure that no step in the chain is overlooked. For example, at the end of the panel construction and body welding processes – among the first steps in the production of an LC – a master craftsman evaluates the alignment accuracy of the chassis with his well-trained eyes and touch; it is an in-depth process that numbers more than 800 individual checks, so he is assisted by electronic sensors to verify the weld integrity of each part.

Lexus Motomachi Shocks

At the Lexus plant, the execution of the most delicate tasks lies in the harmonious interplay between craftsman and technology. Since machines can only detect flaws that they have been trained to identify, the craftsman can achieve a higher degree of precision because he has the power to recognize imperfections that may never have been seen before.

Lighting is another crucial factor for guaranteeing the best quality, allowing the craftsmen at Motomachi to detect the smallest of defects. The specially tailored assembly line has an all-white finish from floor to ceiling, providing an immaculate, perfectly organized work environment that maximizes the team’s focus. Everything has its rightful place within the brightly lit plant to ensure that in the unlikely event an object is misplaced it will stand out.

Lexus LC Factory White

At the end of the assembly, the LC moves into a futuristic light-filled glass booth for a detailed inspection of 700 individual check points by two of the most skilled craftsmen. Inside the glass booth, there are precisely spaced LED light bars, which, after a number of meticulous trials and revision rounds, have been placed at 30cm intervals as the test results showed that this is the best spacing for the human eye to detect defect. Under the glow of these ideally-spaced LED lights, the craftsmen scrutinize details that are not even seen by customers, such as the precision finish of all exterior and interior surfaces, the color evenness and the operation of working parts. They use their senses to effectively evaluate each vehicle.

Lexus LC Assembly

Besides the availability of advanced tools and optimal lighting conditions, the reduction of noise inside the inspection booth allows the team to perform the most thorough of inspections necessary for delivering the perfect car. With the thick glass walls of the booth providing complete silence, the craftsmen’s sense of hearing is especially astute: they check the smooth operation of functional parts such as the opening and closing of the doors and windows by listening out for small abnormal sounds. In this pristine, all-silent environment, in which you could even hear a pin drop, craftsmanship can thrive at its fullest.

Lexus LC Factory Floor

The final stage before a Lexus reaches the customer is a test drive on a purpose-built track by a craftsman trained in performance driving. This final point is yet another manifestation of the brand’s belief in the power of the attention to details that only humans – the greatest machine ever created – can provide: Lexus relies on the master’s highly sensitive touch for assessing vehicle feedback through the steering wheel and making sure that all parts are working securely. It is through this perfect marriage between expert craftsmanship and emotion, state-of-the-art technology and a pristine work environment that Lexus creates amazing experiences, delivering some of the finest cars ever built.

Lexus UX: First GenerationVideos

Lexus UX Crossover Gets 5-Star Safety Rating in Europe

Lexus UX Crash Safety

The Lexus UX crossover has scored the maximum 5-star vehicle safety rating in the latest Euro NCAP test results. Here we have a video of the simulated crashes:

Rated with 96% adult occupant protection score and 85% child occupant protection score, the UX is one of the highest ranked cars to be tested. The crossover’s automated emergency braking also boasts an 82% score for pedestrian and cyclist protection.

From Lexus:

Featuring the latest version of Lexus Safety System +, the brand’s advanced package of active safety technologies, the new Lexus crossover also boasts outstanding passive safety credentials resulting from its ultra-rigid Global Architecture-C platform and 8 airbags fitted as standard.

This second generation of Lexus Safety System + incorporates several new features to help prevent or mitigate accidents. These include daytime cyclist detection and now also night-time pedestrian detection as part of the enhanced Pre-Collision System (PCS). Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Lane Tracing Assist provide SAE level-2 automated driving support – aiming at reducing driver operation while remaining in control of the vehicle.


Select 2018 Lexus Vehicles Get Apple CarPlay & Amazon Alexa Upgrade

Lexus Apple Carplay

Lexus has announced that Apple CarPlay & Amazon Alexa functionality is now available for owners of 2018-2019 models with an Enform 2.0 infotainment system.

The 2018 model year LS sedan, LC coupe, RC and RC F coupes and NX crossover are eligible for the upgrade, as are the 2019 model year NX crossover, RC F coupe, and ES sedan that currently do not have CarPlay or Alexa installed.

The update will cost $199 at dealerships, and is available in both the USA and Canada. For more information, you can refer tothe Customer Help page announcement.