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Lexus RC F Transforms into Jet Fighter for Men in Black: International

Lexus RC F Jet Fighter

As part of their collaboration with new movie Men in Black: International, Lexus has created an RC F that transforms into a jet fighter:

There’s an elaborate backstory to the QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer jet — check out the press release description of the powertrain:

In a top-secret exchange of knowledge with an alien partner, brokered by “the agency,” Lexus was able to secure Quasar Power Source Technology (QPST) that uses the power of the nearest Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN) to travel anywhere in the universe in seconds. Quasi-Stellar Objects (QSOs) are found in every galaxy that has a supermassive central black hole. So, all QPST-powered Lexus vehicles are named after black holes.

Best of all is the disclaimer: “Specifications and features listed here represent science fiction speculation of what a powerful scum-fighting Lexus jet might be like. The actual vehicle in the film was computer generated—the futuristic vehicle does not exist in reality.”

MIB: International opens on Jun 14th in the USA, here’s the official trailer and accompanying Lexus commercial in case you’ve been living in a black hole.

United Kingdom

Lexus UK Launches Vehicle Subscription Service

Lexus One Subscription Service

Lexus has launched a new vehicle subscription in the United Kingdom where drivers can switch between models once a month – from Auto Express:

The monthly charge covers the lease of the car, delivery and collection, insurance, servicing, roadside assistance and a weekly wash. The starting price is £619pm for the Lexus CT 200h.

The only expense drivers must cover themselves is fuel. There’s also a mileage allowance of 1,000 miles per vehicle per month, although this can be carried over for successive months in the same vehicle if not reached.

The service is called Lexus One, and it includes the CT hatch, IS sedan, RC coupe, and NX & RX crossovers as available options. Service sign-up and vehicle selection are both done online, and subscribers are required to be 25 years old+ and have a full UK driving license.


New Solid-State Battery Developed for Lexus Electric Vehicles

Lexus LF-FC

A Lexus pure-electric vehicle is on the horizon with parent company Toyota announcing a new solid-state battery will debut next year. With this lighter and more powerful battery, Toyota now expects to sell 1 million EVs and 4.5 million hybrids by 2025.

This accelerated EV push is a direct response to tougher emissions requirements in China and Europe. Toyota will start making EVs for the Chinese market next year, with plans to release at least 10 EV models worldwide by the early 2020s.

There is also a new dedicated EV platform being developed with partners Subaru, Mazda, Suzuki & Daihatsu. The Electric Toyota New Global Architecture, or e-TNGA, will have six configurations: a large SUV, a medium SUV, a medium crossover, a medium minivan, a medium sedan and a kei car.

Let’s bring it back to Lexus — the current rumor is that the UX will be the brand’s first EV, though this remains unconfirmed. Bertel Schmitt of The Drive attended the Toyota press conference in Tokyo, and believes “the U.S. market will likely get an electric Lexus, and/or a Toyota-branded electric sports car.”

PersonalSite News

Introducing the Next-Generation Lexus Enthusiast Website

Lexus Enthusiast 10

Hello, everyone. This is Kevin Watts, the owner and editor at Lexus Enthusiast, and I want to welcome you to the next-generation of our website.

Lexus Enthusiast launched in May 2007 as a simple blog covering our favorite car brand. Over the years, the site has gone through ten major redesigns, and this latest update is the most significant since the debut of the Community Forums back in 2014.

The main focus is bridging our stories and the thriving forums, and now the two sections are synced hand-in-hand. It will now be possible to comment on the latest Lexus news using your forum account. Mobile was also a huge factor, and we hope the site is much easier to use on your smartphones and tablets.

As with any website launch, there are sure to be issues that crop up and functionality that doesn’t work properly. Please let us know through the contact form or by starting a thread in the support forum.

This website development has been ongoing for some time, and I would like to thank everyone for their support and patience throughout the process. Normal posting will now resume, and I look forward to hearing your feedback as you explore our new website.

P.S. This also marks the launch of our first logo, which will be discussed in another post shortly.

Lexus RX: Fourth GenerationTech

New Headlights Debut on 2020 Lexus RX Outside North America

Lexus BladeScan Headlights

The Lexus Global, European and even Australian news releases for the 2020 RX refresh highlight an important innovation: the introduction of the world-first BladeScan Type Adaptive High-beam System (AHS).

Here’s how it works:

In a world first, Lexus has advanced its pioneering LED Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) with BladeScan technology that enhances overall safety at night. LED-sourced light shines onto two blade mirrors spinning at high speed, and the light is transferred to a lens to illuminate the road ahead. The light’s distribution is precisely controlled by synchronising the spinning of the blade mirrors and the switching on and off of the headlights.

As a result, RX drivers can view hard-to-see areas such as road shoulders and recognise pedestrians and road signs much earlier – without impeding the driver’s overall visibility and without dazzling drivers travelling in the opposite direction. Pedestrian recognition at night has been improved to 56 meters (184 feet) in front of the Lexus using BladeScan technology, compared to 32 meters (105 feet) with the previous system (Array-type AHS).

The concept is better illustrated by the above image and this all-too-brief video:

But why have the United States and Canada been excluded from this new technology?

Blame the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108, a 1967 law that regulates automotive headlights. The key issue that affects the BladeScan AHS is that only a single low beam and a single high beam setting are allowed. There can be no intermediate settings; simultaneous use of low and high beams is forbidden; and the candlepower limits for low-beam headlights are insufficient.

FMVSS-108 has been amended and updated before, but the process moves at a glacial pace and involves countless studies, analyses, official reviews, public hearings and comment periods, plus input from interested stakeholders.

Lexus parent company Toyota led the charge back in 2013 to allow for fully adaptive headlights in the United States, with Audi and BMW following suit in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Accounts from October 2018 and April 2019 remind us that the issue remains unresolved.

But why is Canada affected by this U.S. bureaucracy despite its more accomodating headlight laws? A guess would be that Japan’s Kyushu plant will build Lexus RXs with the BladeScan headlights, and the Cambridge, Ontario factory in Canada will supply North America.

FeaturesLexus RX: Fourth Generation

First Impressions: The Updated 2020 Lexus RX Crossover

Lexus RX Hero Shot

Last week, Lexus Enthusiast traveled to Santa Monica, California, to see the updated 2020 RX crossover in person. These are the first impressions of site editor Kevin Watts.

A major course correction for Lexus interior design is upon us, and it’s debuted in the most unlikely of places — the RX crossover has been updated for the 2020 model year, and it’s brought back the touchscreen.

It’s a fitting vehicle for the change, considering the third-generation RX from 2010 was the first model to feature the Remote Touch joystick controller.

Lexus RX Remote Touch

The concept was strong at the time, moving the screen into the driver’s sightline and mimicking the mouse control scheme used on every computer. But it never quite worked as planned — the navigation didn’t translate well into a car cabin and owners have found Remote Touch to be passable at best and frustrating at worst.

To that end, the RX reintroduces the touchscreen that was abandoned in favor of Remote Touch. Being a minor-model change, Lexus designers had to work within the confines of the existing cabin, which required compromise. The infotainment screen has been pushed 5.4-inches closer to the driver, resulting in an interface that requires some awkward movement but is much better than the Remote Touch alternative (that still exists in the center console as a fallback).

Lexus RX Touchscreen Interior

All of this would mean nothing if the software behind the touchscreen wasn’t up to par, and with the inclusion of Android Auto alongside Apple CarPlay, Lexus has brought themselves level with every other auto manufacturer. Interactions with both systems (and the standard infotainment software) are fluid and responsive, just like using any modern tablet.

Lexus executives would not confirm if the rest of the lineup would also be making the switch, but Lexus does not play around with its best-selling model. My guess is that touchscreens will be a cornerstone of all Lexus interiors moving forward.

The new touchscreen may be the headliner, but it was not the sole change to the 2020 RX. The exterior adjustments are minor for the most part, comprising of a front-end alteration with two new spindle grilles and a rear refactoring that borders on imperceivable.

In truth, that was the extent of the changes necessary to modernize the RX — this is still an aggressively styled crossover that stands apart from the relatively safe designs of its competitors.

It was a curious move to borrow the front grille pattern of the UX for the standard RX, but the elaborate detail suits the larger front face and doesn’t look out of place.

Lexus RX Standard Front

The same goes for the NX-inspired look of the RX F SPORT — in fact, the design elements that feel cluttered on the NX front-end have enough room to breathe with the extra space afforded by the RX’s size.

Lexus RX F SPORT Grille

For the past decade, Lexus has been unapologetic in its commitment to a specific vision, whether it be Remote Touch or the spindle grille or pushing a design-first narrative for the brand. While it may be hyperbolic to suggest the inclusion of a touchscreen means Lexus is moving away from this vision, it’s safe to say the RX is the beginning of a sea change for the brand’s interior design.

CanadaSales ReportsUSA

Lexus May 2019 Sales Report

Lexus USA Sales February


Lexus USA has reported 24,537 total sales for April 2019, a 3.4% decrease over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2019 2018 % CHG* 2019 2018 % CHG*
CT 0 0 0 0 4 ‐100
IS 1,533 2,180 -29.7 6,802 9,279 -26.7
RC 412 434 -5.1 1,728 1,421 21.6
ES 4,741 3,828 23.9 19,630 16,309 20.4
GS 260 672 -61.3 1,516 3,086 -50.9
LS 462 908 -49.1 2,340 3,580 -34.6
LC 137 154 -11.0 579 855 -32.3
LFA 0 1 -100 3 2 50
Total Cars 7,545 8,177 -7.7 32,598 34,536 -5.6
UX 1,420 0 0.0 6,618 0 0.0
NX 4,612 4,975 -7.3 22,628 23,810 -5.0
RX 8,782 9,697 -9.4 39,833 41,197 -3.3
GX 1,809 2,018 -10.4 9,024 9,521 -5.2
LX 369 524 -29.6 1,987 2,186 -9.1
Total Trucks 16,992
Total Sales 24,537 25,391 -3.4 112,688 111,250 1.3

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. May 2019 had 26 selling days, May 2018 had 26 selling days.


Lexus Canada has reported 2,290 total sales for May 2019, a 9.5% increase over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2019 2018 % CHG* 2019 2018 % CHG*
IS 225 254 -11.4 755 1,108 -31.9
RC 28 29 -3.4 131 102 28.4
ES 223 157 42.0 871 592 47.1
GS 6 24 -75.0 59 90 -34.4
LS 8 32 -75.0 39 125 -68.8
LC 9 27 -66.7 39 85 -54.1
Total Cars 499 523 -4.6 1,894 2,102 -9.9
UX 309 0 0.0 1,373 0 0.0
NX 634 683 -7.2 2,943 2,998 -1.8
RX 698 768 -9.1 3,209 3,369 -4.7
GX 23 30 -23.3 115 154 -25.3
LX 127 88 44.3 542 422 28.4
Total Trucks 1,791
Total Sales 2,290 2,092 9.5 10,076 9,045 11.4