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Spy Video of the Prototype Lexus LF-A

Edmunds has managed to scare up a video of the Lexus LF-A prototype during last week’s run around Nürburgring:

Lexus LF-A Video

Seeing the supercar in motion is much more impressive than the spy photos, the speed is positively overpowering.

In their analysis of the footage, Edmunds makes some rather astute observations:

  • Judging from the roar, the LF-A will be running a V-10 engine.
  • The intake ducts integrated into the C-pillar and rocker panels could cool a rear-mounted battery pack, which would allow for a hybrid powertrain.
  • The supercar is using an automated sequential manual gearbox, which presently sounds a little rough around the edges.

No word yet whether this car will be unveiled at Frankfurt Auto Show in September or the Tokyo Auto Show in October.

Flickr Find: IS 350 & Civil Disobedience

Flickr user J.Garrido used his IS 350 not only to break the law, but he took a photo of it:

Civil Disobedience in an IS 350

Really, all humor aside, this is a beautiful photo, the detail and processing are impeccable and it’s certainly one of the best “new car owner” photos I’ve come across. Wonderful job.

Lexus U.S. Open Commercial with Nick Watney, Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, and Ben Hogan

A new LS commercial debuted during last week’s U.S. Open, and it’s one of those posthumous pitchmen type of ads — Current PGA player Nick Watney picks up golf greats Bobby Jones, Sam Snead and Ben Hogan for a round of golf:

A nice sentiment, I suppose, but this type of celebrity appropriation never sits too well with me.

New Lexus Estimated MPG

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released its new system of calculating a vehicle’s estimated MPG, taking into consideration faster speeds/acceleration, air conditioning and colder outside temperatures.

Lexus, like every carmaker, has seen their gas mileage drop, here’s a handy chart displaying the before & afters of the current lineup, along with their estimated yearly cost and greenhouse emissions:

Model New Estimated MPG (City/Highway) Old Estimated MPG (City/Highway) Annual Fuel Cost Greenhouse Emissions (tons/year)
2008 LS 600h 20/22 22/24 $2342 8.7
2007 LS 460 17/25 19/27 $2460 9.2
2007 LS 460 L 16/24 18/27 $2588 9.6
2007 SC 430 16/23 18/25 $2588 9.6
2007 GS 350 19/26 21/29 $2239 8.3
2007 GS 350 AWD 18/25 20/27 $2460 9.2
2007 GS 430 16/23 18/25 $2588 9.6
2007 GS 450h 22/25 25/28 $2140 8.0
2007 ES 350 19/27 21/30 $2239 8.3
2007 IS 250 Auto 21/29 24/32 $2052 7.7
2007 IS 250 Manual 18/26 20/28 $2342 8.7
2007 IS 250 AWD 20/26 22/28 $2239 8.3
2007 IS 350 19/25 21/28 $2342 8.7
2008 RX 350 2WD 18/23 20/25 $2460 9.2
2008 RX 350 4WD 17/22 19/24 $2588 9.6
2007 RX 400h 2WD 28/25 32/27 $1894 7.1
2007 GX 470 14/18 15/19 $3282 12.2
2007 LX 470 12/15 13/17 $3783 14.1

More on Lexus & The U.S. Open

The Oakmont Logo Flag

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has given us more insight into Lexus’ presence at the U.S. Open:

The U.S. Open at Oakmont marked the first time the USGA has used corporate sponsors in its history, and in the 107-year history of the Open.

“American Express was the only other sponsor,” noted Vince Salisbury, event marketing manager for Lexus. In the past, when players arrived at the airport they would just use a rental car, so every player was in a different car.

“There was no consistency and it was more complicated,” said Salisbury. “Part of the agreement with Lexus was that we would provide cars for all the players and USGA officials. The cars were prepared with decals on the front doors that say “Official car of the U.S. Open,” with that great squirrel logo.”

Also mentioned was an aspect of the car lending that I didn’t even consider:

The concept of the Lexus luxury lifestyle was clearly imparted because the company got inquiries all week about the cars. “People were asking for particular ones, especially if they were driven by particular players. Unfortunately our distribution doesn’t really allow for that. Of course they wanted us to leave the decal on!” [ Lexus event marketing manager Vince] Salisbury said, laughing.

Of course people would want cars driven by their favorite players in the event — Too bad Lexus couldn’t accommodate them.