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Lexus ES 350 Commercial: Instinct

The most impressive aspect of this Lexus ES 350 commercial is how real the situation feels:

The different perspectives of the same accident, the unavoidable crash, the skittering truck, the click-whirr of the advanced safety system, all make for a very immersive experience. Before impact, I actually recoiled in my chair.

The Lexus LS 460 Riding on Sevas Forged Wheels

Here we have an LS 460 dropped low on a set of Sevas Forged Wheels:

Not a very big fan of the multi-mini-spoke rim, and the sheer size of these wheels overpower the car, but they do have a certain charm. I especially like the look of these wheels in motion, they give off an interesting effect.

Lexus USA June 2007 Sales Report

The Lexus sales numbers for June 2007 are in, which sees a minor gain over last year’s figures.

Total sales are up just 0.4%, with the ES 350 and RX 350/400h still leading the pack. The LS 460 is quite a hit over the outgoing LS 430, which isn’t much of a surprise. Here are the stats, in full table goodness:

2007 2006 % Change
IS250/350 5,182 4,461 11.9
ES350 7,232 7,645 -8.9
GS350 1,880 1,771 2.2
GS430/450h 141 420 -67.7
LS460 2,631 1,014 149.9
Total Cars 17,457 15,842 6.1
RX350/400h 9,349 9,651 -6.7
GX470 1,848 1,787 -0.4
LX470 215 406 -49
Total Trucks 11,412 11,844 -7.2
Total Sales 28,869 227.686 0.4

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New Interactive Lexus Web Adverts

Broadband TV is really coming on, and ABC has launched a service through their website that allows US viewers to watch full-length episodes of last season’s shows.

Lexus is taking advantage of this high bandwidth stream to push insanely detailed interactive ads, based around their current print campaign.

Four of these ads are available for direct viewing, courtesy of one of the principal designers:

Lexus Interactive Ad 1
Lexus Interactive Ad 2
Lexus Interactive Ad 3
Lexus Interactive Ad 4

These are beautifully crafted, informative and full of quality content — I love the abstract nature of the designs, reminds me of John Maeda. Wonderful work.

Lexus LS 600h L Website Launches

Lexus LS 600hL Website Launches

The LS 600h L is now available for pre-order from Starting at $104,000, there are three package levels ranging from $4,000 to $12,570.

When will the LS 600h L actually arrive in North America? No official word yet, but my guess would be some time in September.