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New Feature: Site of the Week

Today marks the beginning of a new feature: Site of the Week.

There’s a multitude of valuable websites out there, and it’s going to be hard choosing just one a week. Admittedly, they won’t all be exclusively Lexus, but each one will relate back to our favourite car brand.

If you have any suggestions,please contact me, I’d be happy to hear them.

Man Smashes Lexus With a Steel Pipe

If you’re adverse to automotive violence, best avert your eyes, as this guy has some serious pedestrian rage:

As is the nature of this type of video, I’m left with more questions than answers:

  • What was that all about?
  • Where did he get the steel pipe?
  • What is it with Russia and destroying Lexus’?

Motor Trend: Long-Term Lexus LS 460 Update

Lexus LS 460

Motor Trend staff have been driving their LS 460 for three months now, which makes it time for a seasonal update:

“The first time I tried it [parallel parking], it worked perfectly. Since then, however, I’ve tried it twice more, and it’s either scared me or just refused to work at all. Undoubtedly, I need to learn more about the system.”

As [Tech Editor] Reynolds discovers, though, the LS at least drives like a dream. “After journeying to Phoenix and back, I have to say that this is one fantastic machine for long-distance driving. My mileage for the round trip was 25 mpg, and the range is simply extraordinary-it appears to be about 530 miles on the highway.”

No cost for their 5000 mile service, but a cracked windshield ending up costing the magazine $2268.22 to replace (!!!) — rain-sensitive glass doesn’t come cheap.

SC400/Soarer Commercial from Japan

All in all, this Japanese SC400/Soarer is so dull it almost doesn’t bear mentioning, save for a tagline that could stand as one of the greatest ever:

Seriously, “Mind Cruising” is something that could only come from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Additional Footage of the LF-A at Nürburgring

We’ve all seen the Edmunds video of the prototype LF-A tearing up Nürburgring, but this additional footage, posted by Viper Productions on Youtube, really shows off the confirmed V-10 engine:

Seems much faster than in the Edmunds video, it’s practically a black roaring blur. Now, the only question is, when is this blasted car going to be put into production?