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Video: Focus on the Lexus RC F Design

Designer Yasuo Kajino is the subject in the latest installment of the Lexus RC F Key Person Interview video series: (The RC F has really benefited from being developed hand-in-hand with the standard RC coupe — the trademark F cues like the side fender vents and the quad stacked exhausts are well integrated into the …
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Video: The Lexus NX Driving Experience

Lexus International has released a new video detailing the driving dynamics of the new NX: Project manager Kei-ichi Nishiyama is bold in his description of the NX driving experience, which should bode well for the final vehicle handling — it’s a great sign that the IS sedan was used as a benchmark in development.

Video: Lexus Canada Autoshow Display Timelapse

Here’s a quick timelapse video of the Lexus Canada display being built at the Toronto Auto Show: I attended the auto show this year in Toronto, and the Lexus setup was great — the shared global design really works. (Thanks Karen!)
Lexus NX: First GenerationVideos

Video: The Lexus NX Development Story

There are two new videos detailing the development story of the Lexus NX compact crossover — first, NX chief engineer Takeaki Kato describes the overall concept, new turbo engine, and some of the vehicle’s unique features: In the second video, project managers Nobuyuki Tomatsu and Tetsuo Miki walk through the exterior & interior design from …
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Launch Video: Introducing the Lexus NX

Lexus has publicly debuted the all next NX compact crossover at the Beijing Motor Show, and here’s the official launch video: Balancing footage of the vehicle with a healthy dose of lifestyle imagery, there’s a heavy focus on physical activity — love the inclusion of parkour, it’s a perfect fit for this vehicle. More shortly!
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New Lexus F Performance Commercial Featuring the RC F

Lexus has released its first commercial featuring the new RC F coupe — here’s the full 60 second video: The commercial is part of an initiative to familiarize consumers with the F performance brand — there’s also this new print ad (click for a larger image): (It may be confusing for enthusiasts to see true …
Lexus RC F: First GenerationVideos

Video: Lexus RC F in Detail

Along with the official photos, Lexus also released some footage of the new RC F — the video is a completely silent affair, and shows the coupe in great detail: There’s a few choice moments in the video, including the speed-sensitive active rear spoiler in action at the 2:14 mark of the video — here’s …
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Video: Quick Tour of the Lexus LFA Works Factory

The Lexus LFA supercar factory may be a well-covered topic, but this short video from Motor Trend videographer Jim Gleason is definitely worth a watch: (Most of the video looks like outtakes from the Motor Trend feature on the LFA Works, an amazing in-depth look at the now-closed Lexus factory.)
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Video: Justin Bell Drives the Lexus LFA

In the latest episode of The One, Motor Trend presenter Justin Bell hits the track in a Lexus LFA borrowed from the Toyota Museum in Torrance, California: Haven’t been a fan of this show in the past, but I love seeing that red LFA out on the track — worth it for the visuals.
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Two Lexus LFA Convertibles Spotted in Japan

At the Odaiba Motor Festival celebrating the Tokyo Motor Show last month, Toyota President Akio Toyoda brought out two Lexus LFA Spyders — here they are, briefly: (The white LFA Spyder I can only assume is the same one Jay Leno drove earlier this year, but the yellow Spyder is completely new to me.)

Video: Introducing the Lexus RTI Touchpad Controller

The next-generation Lexus infotainment controller, the Remote Touch Interface touchpad, debuted last week in the RC coupe at the Tokyo Motor Show — while there’s little detail on how the system works, Lexus did release a quick video demonstration: Perhaps the most interesting thing about this new touchpad is the haptic feedback, which should make …
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Motor Trend Comparison: Lexus GS 350 F SPORT vs. Cadill...

In this latest Motor Trend video, host Jonny Lieberman puts the Lexus GS 350 F SPORT against the Cadillac CTS V SPORT: With all of its performance upgrades and 100+ horsepower advantage, the CTS V SPORT was almost guaranteed to win this track-focused comparison. However, this didn’t stop Lieberman from being extremely positive about the …

Lexus Releases Second Commercial in Global Branding Cam...

Lexus has released the second installment of their global marketing campaign — this time, it’s a collaboration with KMEL Robotics in the aptly-titled SWARM: Like the earlier STEPS commercial, this video doesn’t feature a Lexus vehicle at all — but instead of giant puppets, it’s a swarm of tiny quadrocopters escaping from museums and buildings …