Lexus IS 250C Photo Gallery

Well, that will teach me to get sick! The Lexus IS 250C was unveiled early this morning at the Paris Motor Show, and with it came plenty of interesting information. First thing’s first, there’s a ton of official photos, more details in my next post:

Flickr Find: Lexus GS on 360 Forged Mesh Eights

It was only days ago that I posted a Flickr photo, but this new set from 360° Forged photographer William Stern (see previous feature here) is beyond stunning: The wheels are 360° Forged Mesh Eights, matte black and super. You can see the rest of the set here. (In fact, this car/wheel combo is right …

Flickr Find: Lexus LF-A Roadster Eye Level

Been a while since I featured an image from Flickr, and this photo of the Lexus LF-A by j.hietter is a perfect way to get back on track: The colors are great in this picture, the LF-A just seems to photograph so well, from any angle.

Lexus LF-Xh Press Release Photo

Having debuted last year, the announcement that the Lexus LF-Xh concept would be at the Paris Auto Show didn’t really elicit a reaction from me — that is, until I saw this stunning photo released by Lexus Europe to mark the occasion: (Be sure to click on the image to get the full version, it’s …

2009 Lexus IS 220d Photos

Lexus Europe’s press release about the new IS 250 C Convertible also included some information regarding the Europe-only 2009 IS 220d: Refreshed interior and exterior styling represents a further evolution of Lexus’ unique L-finesse design philosophy. Modifications to suspension, steering, transmissions and paddle shift technology offer notable improvements to driving dynamics. Aerodynamics and transmission enhancements …

Flickr Find: Lexus IS Danger

Bader Bouarki’s photo of the Lexus IS is fantastic, and the description is even better: I Told my friend to drive, i went to the second car and sit in the trunk, it was 120KM/H, i added the cloud as a part of a beauty… Sitting on the trunk of a car going 120kph (75mph) …
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SEMA 2008 Lexus IS-F from Fox/Artisan

The Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance Lexus IS-F project car scheduled for display at SEMA 2008 has been unveiled early, and brings with it some very exciting news for IS-F owners: The vehicle will be debuted at SEMA 2008 in Las Vegas alongside 3 other IS-F’s from different aftermarket companies. These companies will be showcasing and developing …
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Flickr Find: Ghost in the Lexus LF-A

High Dynamic Range Imaging, or HDR Photography, is the process of layering multiple images with different exposures, which creates a vivid and otherworldly image. It’s all the rage with digital photographers, including Flickr user NikonNikk, who applied the process to the Lexus LF-A (Be sure to click through and see it full-size): It always amazes …

Lexus at the US Open

While covering the US Open in Torrey Pines, golf blogger Geoff Shackelford spotted this Lexus LX 570 “Evacuation Vehicle”: Pretty strange designation, I’m still trying to figure it out. *** Lexus is also sponsoring an invitation-only event tonight on the roof of the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego, where the US Open is taking …
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The Lexus LF-Xh Concept in Matte Black

During his visit to Toyota’s Mega Web complex in Tokyo, Flickr user mujitra took some photos of a matte black Lexus LF-Xh concept (click for larger versions): The matte black paint, especially when combined with that great set of gunmetal wheels, makes this LF-Xh looks very menacing. It’s certainly an interesting way to display its …
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Flickr Find: Lexus Nürburgring Duo

There’s been plenty of photos of the Lexus IS 250/LF-A duo currently racing in the ADAC Rundstrecken Trophy Endurance series, but I just wanted to feature these two images from Flickr user nordschleifenfan, a photographer seemingly stationed at Nürburgring: nordschleifenfan has put together quite a collection of Nürburgring racing images, be sure to check them …
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New Lexus LF-A Spy Shots

The good news: Two new Lexus LF-A prototypes were just spotted at Nürburgring, which could quite possibly mean that the rumored development problems may finally be solved. The bad news: The LF-A had to be pushed into the garage, which could quite possibly mean that the rumored development problems may still be causing trouble. You …

A Unique Take on the Lexus Booth @ The Detroit Auto Show

Industrial Design website Core77 took a trip to the Detroit Auto Show and came away particularly impressed with the Lexus booth: Designed by Mark Lawrence of the George P. Johnson Company, Lexus’ new exhibit combines highly refined materials and strong organizational qualities. Much of exhibit design is marketing through architecture, and this stand speaks very …
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Flickr Find: Custom Lexus SC 430 with Sevas Wheels

William Stern, the in-house photographer for Sevas, has posted up some shots of a custom Lexus SC 430 on Flickr: The custom work, including some subtle fender vents and not-so-subtle LED side-step lighting, was done by Cartel Customs in Miami. There’s quite a collection of photos in William’s Flickr stream, be sure to check them …

Toyota Builds New Driving Simulator

Toyota has built a new driving simulator at their Higashifuji Technical Center in Japan, and it looks straight out of science fiction. Inside the 15-foot-high, 23-foot-wide sphere is a Lexus IS attached to an elaborate rail system and surrounded by a 360-degree video screen that displays a virtual driving environment: The internal surrounding sides of …
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New Info on Lexus IS-F Quad Exhausts

The Lexus IS-F has taken a lot of flak from the automotive community regarding its looks, but when Edmunds revealed the stacked quad “resonators” weren’t connected to the exhaust system, it became a flashpoint for criticism. Well, turns out the quad exhausts are functional after all — Autospies had the pleasure of spending a few …
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New Lexus IS-F Photos

Lexus has issued a new batch of IS-F photos today, replete in every available color but Starfire Pearl. It’s really a shame that this car was featured in that awful blue for so long, all the other colors suit it much better. That black is just perfect.
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Flickr Find: Seeing Double

Flickr user Dougie Wands had to wait for the crowds to disperse around the Lexus LF-A at the Tokyo Frankfurt Motor Show before taking these photos, but the effect was well worth it: I can’t even imagine what the result might have been if the LF-A had been painted in high-gloss black!
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Car Magazine Spies the Lexus LF-A

Including three spy-photos of a practically-production version, Car Magazine has hit with some Lexus LF-A news: As the engine rules in F1 have changed, so has the powerplant under development for the LF-A. It now has a V10 petrol engine of just under 5.0 litres capacity, said to develop a muscly 500bhp for 200mph performance. …
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Car Magazine, The Lexus LF-Xh, and Some Photoshop Fun

Car Magazine has put in their two cents regarding the design of the Lexus LF-Xh concept, and they like what they see: The concept’s exterior dimensions are similar to the RX400h’s, but crucially massaged in all the right ways to alleviate the current model’s slightly ungainly ‘body-disconnected-from-its wheels’ stance. The LF-Xh is longer and wider …
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Another Look at the Lexus LF-Xh Interior

If not for its futuristic overtones, the interior of Lexus’ LF-Xh could almost be considered plain, but it’s actually something much more appealing, it’s simple, minimalist. I quite like it. The center console, more than anything, makes me pray that one day these types of interiors find their way into production models. There are a …
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Flickr Find: A Scenic Lexus GS 400

Flickr photographer capt4inslow has posted up some incredible shots of a second-gen GS 400, here’s a couple of my favorites: I’ve always been a big fan of this GS generation, with its equally elegant and aggressive styling. More than anything, though, these photos remind me of the tough decision I had to make when choosing …
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Lexus IS-F in Silver!

As if on cue, photos emerged today on Club Lexus of a silver Lexus IS-F, taken by Claude Feltz at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. Without a doubt, my point is proven, the IS-F doesn’t just look a little better in colors other than blue, it looks fantastic! (Special thanks to Claude for letting me …

The White Lexus IS-F Revelation

After yesterday’s lengthy post examining Lexus’ decision to create their F-Division, I was left with an uncomfortable feeling, and it was quite clear to me where it was coming from. There is, and will always be, a distinct difference between theory and practice, and while I think it’s important for Lexus as a brand to …

More Photos of the White Lexus IS-F

When the IS-F surfaced this weekend in multiple colors, I was quite surprised how different the car looked in shades other than blue. Even more than the red version, I loved the white, which seemed to diffuse some of the louder design characteristics, particularly the side vents. Sadly, there were only a few images to …

Site of the Week: Car Walls

To a compulsive computer wallpaper changer, finding the right desktop image is paramount, and for a fan of Lexus, no site has a greater collection than Car Walls. The collection of Lexus wallpapers here is strictly high quality, sourced from the official Lexus sites. As new models replace old, the desktop images would disappear from …

Photo Tour of the New Lexus of Bellevue Dealership

The newly relocated Lexus of Bellevue is a sprawling, beautifully appointed 275,000-square-foot dealership that takes the concept of customer experience and hits it into the stratosphere. No kidding, here’s a list of some of the more over-the-top features: A set of artificial putting greens A deli (!!!) Gas station on site Standalone automated car wash …