Lexus IS 250C Photo Gallery

Well, that will teach me to get sick! The Lexus IS 250C was unveiled early this morning at the Paris Motor Show, and with it came plenty of interesting information. First thing’s first, there’s a ton of official photos, more details in my next post:
Kevin · October 2nd, 2008

Flickr Find: Lexus GS on 360 Forged Mesh Eights

It was only days ago that I posted a Flickr photo, but this new set from 360° Forged photographer William Stern (see previous feature here) is beyond stunning: The wheels are 360° Forged Mesh Eights, matte black and super. You can see the rest of the set here. (In fact, this car/wheel combo is right …
Kevin · September 29th, 2008

Flickr Find: Lexus LF-A Roadster Eye Level

Been a while since I featured an image from Flickr, and this photo of the Lexus LF-A by j.hietter is a perfect way to get back on track: The colors are great in this picture, the LF-A just seems to photograph so well, from any angle.
Kevin · September 25th, 2008

Lexus LF-Xh Press Release Photo

Having debuted last year, the announcement that the Lexus LF-Xh concept would be at the Paris Auto Show didn’t really elicit a reaction from me — that is, until I saw this stunning photo released by Lexus Europe to mark the occasion: (Be sure to click on the image to get the full version, it’s …
Kevin · September 17th, 2008

2009 Lexus IS 220d Photos

Lexus Europe’s press release about the new IS 250 C Convertible also included some information regarding the Europe-only 2009 IS 220d: Refreshed interior and exterior styling represents a further evolution of Lexus’ unique L-finesse design philosophy. Modifications to suspension, steering, transmissions and paddle shift technology offer notable improvements to driving dynamics. Aerodynamics and transmission enhancements …
Kevin · September 12th, 2008

Flickr Find: Lexus IS Danger

Bader Bouarki’s photo of the Lexus IS is fantastic, and the description is even better: I Told my friend to drive, i went to the second car and sit in the trunk, it was 120KM/H, i added the cloud as a part of a beauty… Sitting on the trunk of a car going 120kph (75mph) …
Kevin · August 21st, 2008

SEMA 2008 Lexus IS-F from Fox/Artisan

The Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance Lexus IS-F project car scheduled for display at SEMA 2008 has been unveiled early, and brings with it some very exciting news for IS-F owners: The vehicle will be debuted at SEMA 2008 in Las Vegas alongside 3 other IS-F’s from different aftermarket companies. These companies will be showcasing and developing …
Kevin · August 15th, 2008

JM Lexus Creates Mega IS 350 for Mega Meet

Every year, the JM Lexus dealership in South Florida sponsors the Lexus/Supra Mega Meet, a two day event set up for enthusiasts to both check out and show off some custom rides. To mark the occasion, JM Lexus put together a heavily modified IS 350, featuring not only every F-Sport accessory available but also a …
Kevin · August 5th, 2008

Flickr Find: Ghost in the Lexus LF-A

High Dynamic Range Imaging, or HDR Photography, is the process of layering multiple images with different exposures, which creates a vivid and otherworldly image. It’s all the rage with digital photographers, including Flickr user NikonNikk, who applied the process to the Lexus LF-A (Be sure to click through and see it full-size): It always amazes …
Kevin · July 26th, 2008

Photo Gallery: Lexus IS-F in Smoky Granite Mica

Kicking Tires’ Ian Merritt put together a really nice photoshoot of the Lexus IS-F, here’s a sample: The Smoky Granite Mica is such a non-descript color, it really turns down the volume on the IS-F’s styling. (I’d almost say it’s my favorite exterior color for the model, but I have yet to see a couple …
Kevin · July 19th, 2008

Flickr Find: Project IS-F Widebody

Speaking of the Project IS-F concept, I’ve been meaning to post this photo from Flickr user artistmg for some time now: I would have thought I’d be long past posting images of this car, but every once and a while an image jumps out at me. The Project IS-F looks especially wide here, and all …
Kevin · July 13th, 2008

Paul McCartney’s Lexus LS 600h Spotted

Considering the furor it created, I had fully expected the LS 600hL gift that Lexus airfreighted to Paul McCartney would never see the light of day. However, Sir Paul was recently spotted being chauffeured around London in the dark maple red hybrid. Also of note: Such is vegetarian Sir Paul’s passion for issues surrounding animal …
Kevin · July 3rd, 2008

Flickr Find: Pink Lexus SC, San Fran Style

There must be something special about crazy Lexus SC’s in the Bay Area, because San Francisco resident Kristie Wells spotted another variation on what seems to be a local phenomenon: I don’t know what astonishes me more, that there would be three strikingly similar cars all within a 100 mile radius, or that a photo …
Kevin · June 25th, 2008

Lexus RX Prototype Photos, Round Two

In all the excitement of the just-seen Lexus RX prototype running the ‘Ring in Germany, I missed that Leftlane News have their own spy coverage of the next-gen crossover. I love the revised stance of the vehicle: The reduction of the rear bubble has done a lot to update the look of the RX, but …
Kevin · June 24th, 2008

Flickr Find: Lexus LF-A vs. Honda Civic

No matter how evenly matched they might be, I still had a chuckle over of this photo of the Lexus LF-A up against a Honda Civic: (This photo comes from Flickr user nordschleifenfan, my favorite Nürburgring photographer.)
Kevin · June 17th, 2008

Lexus at the US Open

While covering the US Open in Torrey Pines, golf blogger Geoff Shackelford spotted this Lexus LX 570 “Evacuation Vehicle”: Pretty strange designation, I’m still trying to figure it out. *** Lexus is also sponsoring an invitation-only event tonight on the roof of the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego, where the US Open is taking …
Kevin · June 14th, 2008

The Lexus LF-Xh Concept in Matte Black

During his visit to Toyota’s Mega Web complex in Tokyo, Flickr user mujitra took some photos of a matte black Lexus LF-Xh concept (click for larger versions): The matte black paint, especially when combined with that great set of gunmetal wheels, makes this LF-Xh looks very menacing. It’s certainly an interesting way to display its …
Kevin · June 12th, 2008

Lexus LF-A Wallpaper

Due to an email I sent out far too late, I wasn’t able to include Dougie Wand‘s great mirror image of the Lexus LF-A as part of my anniversary wallpaper collection, but all the better to offer it on a hot Friday afternoon. Here’s the various desktop sizes, enjoy! 1680×1050 | 1440×900 | 1280×1024 | …
Kevin · June 6th, 2008

TPP: One Year Anniversary

Today marks the first anniversary of The Passionate Pursuit! It’s funny the way time works, at times it feels like I’ve only just started, and in another way, it seems like something I’ve always done. I’ve learned a lot over the past year, running this site is a very rewarding experience.  To mark the occasion, …
Kevin · May 30th, 2008

Great Photos of the Lexus LF-A Racing Prototype

The french website Endurance Info has some very nice exclusive photos of the Lexus LF-A racing prototype, including the one above this shot of the interior and engine: Judging by the news date (May 21st) and the lack of emblems, it looks like this site might have had the first public engine shots.
Kevin · May 27th, 2008

Flickr Find: Lexus Nürburgring Duo

There’s been plenty of photos of the Lexus IS 250/LF-A duo currently racing in the ADAC Rundstrecken Trophy Endurance series, but I just wanted to feature these two images from Flickr user nordschleifenfan, a photographer seemingly stationed at Nürburgring: nordschleifenfan has put together quite a collection of Nürburgring racing images, be sure to check them …
Kevin · May 15th, 2008

New Lexus LF-A Spy Shots

The good news: Two new Lexus LF-A prototypes were just spotted at Nürburgring, which could quite possibly mean that the rumored development problems may finally be solved. The bad news: The LF-A had to be pushed into the garage, which could quite possibly mean that the rumored development problems may still be causing trouble. You …
Kevin · April 15th, 2008

Flickr Find: Rolling in a Pink Lexus

Flickr user senti-mental1 spotted, of all things, a pink Lexus LS 400 in San Jose: One thing’s for sure, the gold badging has never looked more appropriate.
Kevin · March 31st, 2008

Flickr Find: The Lexus IS-F @ The Toronto Auto Show

I’m having a devil of a time finding my digital camera cable to pull the photos off from my visit to the Toronto Auto Show, but I know for a fact that none of my photos are half as good as this one from Flickr user Rocky413: All in all, I was very impressed by …
Kevin · February 25th, 2008

Lexus & Team One are looking for your Lexus photos

Team One, the company behind Lexus’ advertising in the US, recently contacted me about a great opportunity for Lexus owners to show off their cars. Right now, they’re looking for photos of you and your Lexus for an upcoming project, here are the details: The photo has to be of you with your Lexus, not …
Kevin · February 18th, 2008

Flickr Find: Lexus IS-F in Brussels

Reaffirming my belief that the Lexus IS-F should never have been marketed in electric blue, take a look at these photos by Flickr user PierterA from the 2008 Brussels motor show: The car really does have a fantastically muscular front 3/4 view, doesn’t it?
Kevin · January 30th, 2008

Flickr Find: The Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept

After a while, auto show photos of a specific model tend to blend in to one another, but Flickr user Luc Bernard managed to bring something new to the table with his photo of the Lexus LF-A Roadster, all stark contrast and saturated color: There’s been a lot of disappointment that a production model of …
Kevin · January 24th, 2008

Flickr Find: The Project Lexus IS-F Revisited

The 5Axis Project IS-F for last year’s SEMA was a real eye-catcher, with many preferring the look to the production IS-F. Yet, there didn’t seem to be any real quality shots of the car, and certainly nothing like this photo from Scott Dukes: Just stunning, the photo really shows off the bulging bodywork, and makes …
Kevin · January 20th, 2008

Details on the Lexus IS-F Racing Concept

Details are finally coming out in regards to the Lexus IS-F Racing Concept shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon last week. Due to the body styling and rear wing, it was thought that this was a precursor to Lexus’ entry into the DTM Racing series, but in actuality, the vehicle was a one-off design experiment …
Kevin · January 17th, 2008

A Unique Take on the Lexus Booth @ The Detroit Auto Show

Industrial Design website Core77 took a trip to the Detroit Auto Show and came away particularly impressed with the Lexus booth: Designed by Mark Lawrence of the George P. Johnson Company, Lexus’ new exhibit combines highly refined materials and strong organizational qualities. Much of exhibit design is marketing through architecture, and this stand speaks very …
Kevin · January 15th, 2008

The Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept Live @ The Detroit Auto Show

There’s more than a few photo galleries sprouting up of the Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept on the floor of the Detroit Auto Show, but the most comprehensive I’ve seen so far is at Autoblog. There’s times when the official manufacturer photos make a car seem utterly flawless, but this super-convertible looks even more impressive in …
Kevin · January 13th, 2008

The Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept is Unveiled

The suspense of the blue-tarped Lexus concept only lasted a few hours, as it was unveiled as the LF-A Roadster Concept, a convertible version of the LF-A and absolutely beautiful in red. The LF-A Roadster has the same front-mid engine layout as the LF-A, which places the engine between the front and rear passengers, and …
Kevin · January 13th, 2008

Flickr Find: Lexus IS Tail Lights

There’s so many different ways to photograph a car, there’s the scenic shots, the speed shots, the close-ups, and once and a while, you get something a bit more expressive. This photograph by Flickr user AlieN is a good illustration of this: I’m a big fan of symmetry, so this appealed to me right off …
Kevin · January 6th, 2008

Flickr Find: Lexus SC, Oakland Style

If these first-gen Lexus SC’s are any indication, Oakland rolls with a style all of its own: Both of these photos were captured by Oakland resident Kitty Holmes, who was lucky enough to glimpse these wonders in real life.
Kevin · December 19th, 2007

Flickr Find: Custom Lexus SC 430 with Sevas Wheels

William Stern, the in-house photographer for Sevas, has posted up some shots of a custom Lexus SC 430 on Flickr: The custom work, including some subtle fender vents and not-so-subtle LED side-step lighting, was done by Cartel Customs in Miami. There’s quite a collection of photos in William’s Flickr stream, be sure to check them …
Kevin · December 3rd, 2007

2008 Lexus LX 570 Colors

Autospies has a preview of the color combinations available for 2008 Lexus LX 570, including what may be the strangest hue to ever cover a Lexus: It resembles the Aquamarine Pearl color available for the ES 350, which is probably where it should have stayed. Not very flattering, to say the least. Be sure to …
Kevin · November 30th, 2007

Flickr Find: Lexus IS 250 Silhouette

There’s something so classy about this silhouette profile shot of the Lexus IS 250 by Jason Kim: It really accentuates the rear slope, it’s such a smooth line. In the same spirit, Jason has another black & white photo of the IS 250, this time from the front. It’s a testament to the quality of …
Kevin · November 29th, 2007

Toyota Builds New Driving Simulator

Toyota has built a new driving simulator at their Higashifuji Technical Center in Japan, and it looks straight out of science fiction. Inside the 15-foot-high, 23-foot-wide sphere is a Lexus IS attached to an elaborate rail system and surrounded by a 360-degree video screen that displays a virtual driving environment: The internal surrounding sides of …
Kevin · November 27th, 2007

The 2008 Lexus RX 400h’s Illuminated Scuff Plates

While browsing Club Lexus for details on the 2008 Lexus RX 400h’s updates, I found this great photo by tomv, a new hybrid owner, which shows off the illuminated scuff plates: Just to be clear, these would be visible when opening the doors. Great effect, I’m very impressed.
Kevin · November 27th, 2007

New Info on Lexus IS-F Quad Exhausts

The Lexus IS-F has taken a lot of flak from the automotive community regarding its looks, but when Edmunds revealed the stacked quad “resonators” weren’t connected to the exhaust system, it became a flashpoint for criticism. Well, turns out the quad exhausts are functional after all — Autospies had the pleasure of spending a few …
Kevin · November 7th, 2007

The Lexus IS-F Engine Uncovered

Perhaps the most amusing part of Jalopnik’s review of the IS-F, and something I forgot to mention in my post, was their removal of the engine cover, revealing this jumbled up pile: You can check out more photos of the engine innards at the Jalopnik site. *** Another thing I missed, or rather didn’t realize, …
Kevin · November 7th, 2007

New Lexus IS-F Photos

Lexus has issued a new batch of IS-F photos today, replete in every available color but Starfire Pearl. It’s really a shame that this car was featured in that awful blue for so long, all the other colors suit it much better. That black is just perfect.
Kevin · November 5th, 2007

Flickr Find: Seeing Double

Flickr user Dougie Wands had to wait for the crowds to disperse around the Lexus LF-A at the Tokyo Frankfurt Motor Show before taking these photos, but the effect was well worth it: I can’t even imagine what the result might have been if the LF-A had been painted in high-gloss black!
Kevin · November 1st, 2007

Car Magazine Spies the Lexus LF-A

Including three spy-photos of a practically-production version, Car Magazine has hit with some Lexus LF-A news: As the engine rules in F1 have changed, so has the powerplant under development for the LF-A. It now has a V10 petrol engine of just under 5.0 litres capacity, said to develop a muscly 500bhp for 200mph performance. …
Kevin · October 30th, 2007

Flickr Find: The Extraterrestrial Lexus LF-Xh

Doesn’t this photo from the Lexus LF-Xh debut in Tokyo, taken by Flickr user elmar.carabanes, make the concept look like a UFO? I’m really struck by how futuristic the frontend is, imagining it on a production model boggles my mind. I could almost picture it on a spaceship.
Kevin · October 30th, 2007

Car Magazine, The Lexus LF-Xh, and Some Photoshop Fun

Car Magazine has put in their two cents regarding the design of the Lexus LF-Xh concept, and they like what they see: The concept’s exterior dimensions are similar to the RX400h’s, but crucially massaged in all the right ways to alleviate the current model’s slightly ungainly ‘body-disconnected-from-its wheels’ stance. The LF-Xh is longer and wider …
Kevin · October 25th, 2007

Tokyo Motor Show: Lexus LF-Xh Concept Debuts

The Lexus LF-Xh concept made its Tokyo Motor Show debut today, and while no additional information was released, both Autoblog and The Winding Road have posted up galleries from the unveiling. Also of interest is this video from Japanese car site Carview, which shows the extent of Toyota’s offerings, including an all-too-short clip of the …
Kevin · October 24th, 2007

Spy Shots: 2010 Lexus GX 470/4Runner?

Leftlane News has posted spy shots of either the 2009 Toyota 4Runner or the 2010 Lexus GX, you can take your guess picking which. In all honesty, with those extended tail lights, it looks more like a transformer in mid-change — a very effective camouflage job, indeed. The rear looks widened, and even a bit …
Kevin · October 16th, 2007

Another Look at the Lexus LF-Xh Interior

If not for its futuristic overtones, the interior of Lexus’ LF-Xh could almost be considered plain, but it’s actually something much more appealing, it’s simple, minimalist. I quite like it. The center console, more than anything, makes me pray that one day these types of interiors find their way into production models. There are a …
Kevin · October 12th, 2007

Flickr Find: A Real Bad Day

If you’re a LX 470 owner, you may want to steer clear of Jamaica, Queens: I asked the photographer, Flickr user underwaterdemolitionman if he had found this in a lake, here was his reply: I’m as sure as you are that it’s one hell of a tale but i got there after “the end.” The …
Kevin · October 11th, 2007

Tokyo Motor Show: The Lexus LF-Xh Concept

In preparation for the Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus has announced their latest concept, the LF-Xh, though I think it’s safe to call it by its real name, the 2009 RX. The exterior design is pure L-Finesse as applied to the RX. The front-end is a touch too stubby, and there’s a bunch of the standard …
Kevin · October 10th, 2007

Flickr Find: Lexus IS 300, Museum Style

Ken Brown, who spends his days photographing coachbuilt classics for the Blackhawk Museum in California, managed to squeeze in a shoot with a coworker’s IS 300: Just wonderful, makes the car look like a diecast model, but it doesn’t even touch the other photos in Ken’s Flickr Stream. The ‘57 Mercedes SL300 is fantastic, but …
Kevin · October 5th, 2007

Photo: Lexus GS 450h Going the Wrong Way

Reminiscent of the illegally parked IS 350 I featured a few months ago, here we have another Lexus owner willing to break the law in order to get a great photo: Club Lexus member timeToy, who owns this GS 450h and took the photo, was nice enough to pass along some details, including links to …
Kevin · September 26th, 2007

Flickr Find: A Scenic Lexus GS 400

Flickr photographer capt4inslow has posted up some incredible shots of a second-gen GS 400, here’s a couple of my favorites: I’ve always been a big fan of this GS generation, with its equally elegant and aggressive styling. More than anything, though, these photos remind me of the tough decision I had to make when choosing …
Kevin · September 22nd, 2007

Photo Gallery: Lexus @ 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show

The 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show may have been light on Lexus news, but there were plenty of photo opportunities nonetheless. Claude Feltz, who provided the silver IS-F photos featured earlier this week, also took some time to capture the rest of the Lexus Pavilion, including some shots of the GS series facelift and the Hybrid …
Kevin · September 20th, 2007

Behind-The-Scenes of a New Lexus RX Commercial

Yesterday, I received an anonymous email containing photos from the production of a new RX commercial being filmed in Los Angeles, with the following information: The commercial filmed in Los Angeles in August and will feature the giant pages of a pop-up book being operated by actors playing stage hands.  I believe the ad is …
Kevin · September 20th, 2007

Lexus IS-F in Silver!

As if on cue, photos emerged today on Club Lexus of a silver Lexus IS-F, taken by Claude Feltz at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. Without a doubt, my point is proven, the IS-F doesn’t just look a little better in colors other than blue, it looks fantastic! (Special thanks to Claude for letting me …
Kevin · September 18th, 2007

Flickr Find: The Lexus LF-A @ Concours D’Elegance

It may be the processing, but this photo of the Lexus LF-A concept, taken by John Hietter at this year’s Concours D’Elegance, really shows the supercar in a different light: The over-saturation makes the LF-A look almost menacing, with the muted audience in the back finally giving me some perspective as to the size of …
Kevin · September 16th, 2007

The White Lexus IS-F Revelation

After yesterday’s lengthy post examining Lexus’ decision to create their F-Division, I was left with an uncomfortable feeling, and it was quite clear to me where it was coming from. There is, and will always be, a distinct difference between theory and practice, and while I think it’s important for Lexus as a brand to …
Kevin · September 13th, 2007

Flickr Find: Mike IS

This black & white photo, by Flickr user toyangel immediately caught my attention because of the perfectly captured wheels, looking exceptionally crisp. From my own experiments, it’s difficult to photograph a car-in-motion, and this photo does a fantastic job of just that.
Kevin · September 4th, 2007

2008 Lexus GS Facelift Revealed

Lexus has announced that the 2008 Lexus GS 450h will be debuting at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. In preparation of the event, a press photo, shown above (higher resolution here), has been released, revealing the expected front-end redesign that will be applied to all GS models. The changes are subtle, but numerous. First …
Kevin · August 30th, 2007

More Photos of the White Lexus IS-F

When the IS-F surfaced this weekend in multiple colors, I was quite surprised how different the car looked in shades other than blue. Even more than the red version, I loved the white, which seemed to diffuse some of the louder design characteristics, particularly the side vents. Sadly, there were only a few images to …
Kevin · August 21st, 2007

Site of the Week: Car Walls

To a compulsive computer wallpaper changer, finding the right desktop image is paramount, and for a fan of Lexus, no site has a greater collection than Car Walls. The collection of Lexus wallpapers here is strictly high quality, sourced from the official Lexus sites. As new models replace old, the desktop images would disappear from …
Kevin · August 4th, 2007

An Argument for Painted Brake Calipers

Painted brake calipers are a nice enough touch, but they take on new significance when you see a photo like this: Taken from a feature on the G2 website, makers of caliper paint, this indigo ink Lexus IS 300 belongs to Brian Torak. The wheels are 18″ Katana ZR5’s, you can get a better look …
Kevin · July 29th, 2007

Flickr Find: Rolling

I’ve featured a IS 350 photo from Flickr user J.Garrido before, but this image was simply too stunning to ignore: I’m a sucker for streaking blurs, night shots and glowing instrument panels, and this shot has to rank right up there with the best. Brilliant.
Kevin · July 26th, 2007

Photo Tour of the New Lexus of Bellevue Dealership

The newly relocated Lexus of Bellevue is a sprawling, beautifully appointed 275,000-square-foot dealership that takes the concept of customer experience and hits it into the stratosphere. No kidding, here’s a list of some of the more over-the-top features: A set of artificial putting greens A deli (!!!) Gas station on site Standalone automated car wash …
Kevin · July 24th, 2007

Gold Flecked Custom Painted ES 300

In running this site, I see a steady stream of beautiful cars, but once and a while , I come across an absolute gem: This ES 300 can not be beat, only $1,100! If you’re in Texas, it would be a crime not to give that number a call and see if it’s still available.
Kevin · July 17th, 2007

Flickr Find: A Pristine 1991 Lexus ES 250

It may be considered the blacksheep of Lexus’ entire model history, but Flickr user grateful420angelina sure lucked out finding such a pristine ES 250: With 147,000 miles on it, it’s seen a fair share of asphalt, but it looks like the Ohio winters have been suprisingly kind.
Kevin · July 10th, 2007