2010 Lexus GS 450h Photo Gallery

Along with photos and information on the 2010 GS 350/460, Lexus USA also published a set of 2010 GS 450h photos: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1376”} The refreshed GSh is easily the best Lexus hybrid facelift—the new front grille in particular stands out as a clean, modern design, and the rear taillamps also show some nice execution. I …
Kevin · October 7th, 2009

2010 Lexus LS 460 Sport Information & Photos

Even bigger than the 2010 LS 460 refresh is the introduction of an LS 460 Sport model, which brings a number of performance enhancements to the Lexus flagship: Mesh front grille Aero kit, which features a front lower spoiler, side rocker panels, and rear lower spoiler New 19” split 10 spoke wheels Bremo brake system …
Kevin · October 6th, 2009

2010 Lexus LS 460/460L Information & Photo Gallery

Information on the 2010 Lexus LS 460/460L was also released today, here’s a breakdown of the flagship design, which received a minor mid-cycle refresh this year: The headlamps, grille & bumper were all revised, as were the taillamps, license plate surround and exhaust diffusers. The side mirrors now have integrated turn signals. The standard 18-inch …
Kevin · October 6th, 2009

2010 Lexus GS 350/460 Information

Information on the 2010 Lexus GS 350 & 460 has been announced, and as it turns out, not much has changed. The latest edition of the Lexus sports sedan sees the following changes: iPod/USB connectivity has been added to the standard Lexus sound system, along with streaming audio via Bluetooth & an integrated XM satellite …
Kevin · October 6th, 2009

2010 Lexus GS 450h Official Information

Also announced this week at the Frankfurt Auto Show was the revised 2010 Lexus GS 450h, which sports a new grille, among other small changes: The pre-crash collision system has been revised to include a pre-crash seatbelt and brake assist functions. The GSh navigation system has been upgraded to the Lexus 6th-gen system, which runs …
Kevin · September 20th, 2009

2010 Lexus ES 350 Official Information

Full information and photos of the refreshed 2010 Lexus ES 350 have been released—here’s a breakdown of the changes: Both the front and rear lights have been revised, along with a new front bumper, new foglights, a new grille. Chrome side molding has also been added. The new-look Lexus side mirrors with integrated turn signals …
Kevin · September 18th, 2009

2010 Lexus LS 600h & 600hL Official Information

After pouring over images of the 2010 Lexus LS 600h for a couple weeks, official information on the flagship hybrid has been released, and changes have turned out to be more extensive than just a new front grille. First some photos, then a breakdown of the new features: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1345”} Performance The LS hybrid will …
Kevin · September 18th, 2009

White Lexus LF-A Spotted!

The news never stops when it comes to Lexus & Germany—it’s not enough that the LF-Ch and refreshed versions of the LS, GS, and IS debuted, but now a practically-production LF-A has been photographed at Nürburgring (click for larger versions): Although the expertly-applied white tape does hide the final details, this is the best look …
Kevin · September 17th, 2009

Leaked Lexus LF-Ch Photo Gallery

With just one day less than one week to go before the official launch of the Lexus LF-Ch, low resolution of the press images have leaked out: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1330”} I’m trying to temper my excitement about this model, but it’s getting more and more difficult with every image. The concept has plenty of showcar flair, …
Kevin · September 9th, 2009

Spending Time with the 2010 Lexus HS 250h

Recently, I had a chance to get a quick look at a Lexus HS 250h prototype that was being used to develop dealership training materials by the people at Lexus Canada.  Glenn Alkema of the Lexus Academy was nice enough to give me a tour of the new hybrid, which will be introduced here in …
Kevin · August 31st, 2009

Lexus IS-F Photo Gallery: In Paris (Ontario)

During my time with the Lexus IS-F, I would jump at the chance to drive pretty much anywhere, so my wife took advantage and had us on the road to Paris, Ontario so that she could buy yarn at some craft store. I took the long way though some nice rural roads, and after a …
Kevin · August 2nd, 2009

Lexus IS-F Photo Gallery: Niagara-on-the-Lake

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a small town in Southern Ontario, full of historical significance and now home to some of the finest wine country in Canada. Over the last few years, a new collection of exceptionally modern looking wineries have been cropping up, and I thought it the perfect backdrop to some IS-F photos: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1271”} (Really …
Kevin · July 27th, 2009

The Lexus IS-F Police Car

The police department in the UK city of Humberside is replacing their aging Subaru chase cars with Lexus IS-Fs: Sergeant Mike Peck of the Humberside Police Roads Crime Section said: “The purchase of the vehicle was far from an easy decision and involved research and advice from the force fleet manager, financial managers and a …
Kevin · July 27th, 2009

White Lexus IS 250 F-Sport Photos

Gabriel Forcier from the Spinelli Lexus Lachine in Quebec sent me this great photo of an IS 250 with all the F-Sport trimmings: I’m a huge fan of the Starfire Pearl, and it goes well with the F-Sport wheels. Gabriel also included some other photos of the IS, I’ve included them here: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1256”}
Kevin · July 17th, 2009

Lexus LX 570 Photo Gallery: Macros

After a few busy weeks, I will finally be posting my Lexus LX 570 review today, but first, I wanted to share a somewhat unusual photo gallery, compiled from my 1,200 shots of Lexus’ flagship SUV: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1246”} For whatever reason, I’m always taking up-close, in-tight photos of the smallest details—I attribute it to being …
Kevin · July 10th, 2009

Lorinser Prepares Lexus LS 460 Body Kit

Long-time Mercedes tuner Lorinser has taken its first step into the Lexus body kit market by releasing an aero-kit for the LS 460. Here are the photos: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1206”} Breaking down the kit, it starts off with a new front bumper with squared-off edges and round foglights, then adds side-skirts, a rear trunk spoiler, a …
Kevin · June 16th, 2009

Lexus LX570 Photo Gallery: At Night

Keeping with the “photos at night” theme, here’s a set of Lexus LX 570 pics that I took last week to show how the giant SUV looked in the dark: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1201”} The halogen projector front headlamps were one of the few disappointments of the LX 570. No matter how valid the safety argument may …
Kevin · June 12th, 2009

Lexus LX570 Photo Gallery: Industrial Waterway

Next up in my 2009 Lexus LX 570 photo galleries is a collection of three different locations—Lake Ontario (looking more like a windy Hawaii), an abandoned steel mill, and along the Welland Canal: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1192”} One of my favorite things about taking LX photos was trying to make it look as tiny as possible. Image …
Kevin · June 9th, 2009

2009 Lexus LX570 Photo Gallery: Out in the Wilderness

There are some tight & twisty roads in my area, and this first set of Lexus LX 570 photos are taken at the only stop on one of my favorites: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1188”} The LX 570 engine roared climbing some of the massive hills, like driving the world’s smoothest, best handling tank.
Kevin · June 8th, 2009

More Lexus LFA Spy Shots

More Lexus LFA photos are making their way online—World Car Fans has posted some additional images showing the supercar prototype at Nürburgring with its rear wing fully extended and the redesigned rear window air scoops visible: The LFA concepts have always been impressive, but this polishing towards production has the supercar looking better than ever. …
Kevin · May 12th, 2009

Crystallised Lexus LFA Photo Gallery

I’ve been waiting for an actual photo gallery of the Crystallised Lexus LFA currently being shown in Milan, and Japanese magazine Openers has delivered just that—here’s a selection of images: Fantastic. The rest of the gallery can be viewed at the Openers website.
Kevin · May 7th, 2009

Lexus RX 450h Manufacturing Details

In preparation of the release of the RX 450h, Lexus GB has published an amazingly thorough document that details the new manufacturing processes behind the upcoming hybrid SUV. Some highlights: The Kokura plant, where the RX is built, has installed a 3 meter-high mesh “waterfall” that has reduced airborne dust by 90%. The chain conveyor …
Kevin · April 30th, 2009

2009 Lexus IS 250 AWD Photo Gallery

In the time I spent with the Lexus IS 250, I only had a point-and-shoot Canon to take photos with—luckily my friend Billy Plante came out and took some picks as well. Here are the best shots: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1083”}
Kevin · April 12th, 2009

Wald Body Kit for the 2010 Lexus RX 350

Wald International has released a Black Bison body kit for the new Lexus RX—first off, here’s the photo gallery: All the things that made the Black Bison design look so awkward on the IS-F end up adding some real character to the RX. There are minor complaints: the IS-F style grille looks great but clashes …
Kevin · March 26th, 2009

TAS 2009: The Lexus IS 350C in Silver

Now a few days removed from the Toronto Auto Show, I’ve been going through the virtual stack of photos that I took, and have compiled my first gallery — here’s the IS 350C in silver: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1044”} As I mentioned previously, convertibles just don’t do it for me (likely due to dealing with bitterly cold …
Kevin · February 16th, 2009

Lexus Philippines Opens First Dealership

Lexus has opened their first dealership in the Philippines, and it’s a exceptionally beautiful facility built in Manila at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1054 “} It was designed a collaboration between Japanese firm Nomura Co. Filipino architectural firm Recio + Casas. I’m absolutely floored, it’s gorgeous. Lexus will be offering five models …
Kevin · January 19th, 2009

Lexus HS 250h Official Photos

Lexus didn’t hold back with the HS 250h photos, there’s images from every conceivable angle: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1098”} Early reaction focuses on the HS’ resemblance to the Toyota Corolla, though I see a lot of the IS & ES in the design. Really though, with the vehicle’s focus on gas mileage, much of the design is …
Kevin · January 11th, 2009

The Swarovski Crystal Lexus SC 430

To promote the launch of their Crystallized collection in Taiwan, Swarovski partnered up with Lexus and designer Zheng Zhiren to create this one-of-a-kind crystal SC430: All told, there’s over 300,000 Swarovski crystals covering the SC, pushing its total value up to NT 10,000,000 ($306,045USD). Now that’s a lot of bedazzle! [Source: YAM | Via: Born …
Kevin · December 17th, 2008

2010 Lexus RX 350 & RX 450h Details

Lexus has issued their press release with details on the new 2010 RX 350 & 450h, which backs up the specifications and options I posted last month. Here’s some selected passages from the press release: Entering its second generation, the RX 450h will feature an enhanced Lexus Hybrid Drive system with a 3.5-liter V6 gas …
Kevin · November 19th, 2008

Official 2010 Lexus RX 350 Photos!

We’ve seen the 2010 Lexus RX 450h, and now here’s a set of images from Lexus of the upcoming RX 350 — details on the new models in my next post: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1236”}
Kevin · November 19th, 2008

Official 2010 Lexus RX 450h Photos!

Today’s the big day, both the Lexus RX 350 & RX 450h have been unveiled at the LA Auto Show! So far, no live images of the new 2010 Lexus RX 450h have been posted, but luckily Lexus has pushed out a ton of official photos: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1105”}
Kevin · November 19th, 2008

2010 Lexus RX Brochure Leaked!

The 2010 redesign of the Lexus RX has finally been leaked onto the web, and it’s a beauty! I really think Lexus has done something special with this new generation, The LX design cues are obvious and handsomely applied, resulting in great blend of model continuity and design. The most startling aspect of the new …
Kevin · October 30th, 2008

2009 Lexus IS Information & Photos

Official 2009 Lexus IS photos have surfaced today, along with a promise that the mid-cycle facelift will debut at the Paris Auto Show. Before getting to the photos, though, let’s do a full breakdown of the various nips & tucks: Exterior Revised front bumper with reworked lower air intake and fog lights Expanded front grille …
Kevin · September 3rd, 2008

2009 Lexus IS Photos

No question now, this is the upcoming 2009 Lexus IS facelift: These photos, posted on the same site that leaked the 2009 IS brochure, reveal the new IS in some sort of Japanese Korean Lexus showroom, presumably where unreleased models are displayed for anyone to see. Enough talk, here’s the full gallery: {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1138”} [Source: …
Kevin · August 29th, 2008

Pebble Beach Edition of the Lexus LS 600hL Introduced

The first edition of the Pebble Beach Lexus LS 600hL (and the sixth edition of the PB SC 430) will be introduced tomorrow at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Lexus Fashion Preview. With a limited run of 50, the LS 600hL will be fully loaded and have a number of exclusive touches: Pebble Beach Truffle …
Kevin · August 14th, 2008

Australia gets a Lexus RX 350 Special Edition

In preparation of winter, Australia is getting a special edition of the Lexus RX 350 perfectly suited for the colder months. Here’s a breakdown of the particulars: Added extras include bespoke 18-inch shadow chrome alloy wheels, three unique exterior colours – including Arctic Blue, Burgundy and Onyx carbon – and an accessories pack featuring roof …
Kevin · June 26th, 2008

Lexus UK launches IS 250 SR

Lexus UK is launching a special edition of the Lexus IS 250, dubbed the SR edition, and it features a full body kit, some very nice 10-spoke alloy rims and some sporty interior upgrades, including some aluminum pedals. The body kit’s very subtle, but it works, especially with the wheel combo.  Once again, I was …
Kevin · May 14th, 2008

New Job Design Lexus LS Body Kit

Job Design, a Japan tuning firm specializing in Lexus & Toyota modifications, has released a new body kit for the Lexus LS, consisting of front wheel vents, a super-dropped suspension and new front & rear bumpers. {embed=“site/gallery” gallery_id=“1133”} I think it’s only natural, in light of the LS’ rather somber and elegant design, that body …
Kevin · March 18th, 2008

Photo Gallery: Lexus @ 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show

The 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show may have been light on Lexus news, but there were plenty of photo opportunities nonetheless. Claude Feltz, who provided the silver IS-F photos featured earlier this week, also took some time to capture the rest of the Lexus Pavilion, including some shots of the GS series facelift and the Hybrid …
Kevin · September 20th, 2007