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Lexus News: Official Events

Three More Taste of Lexus Evening Editions: Chicago, New York & Miami

The Taste of Lexus, an event where Lexus brings out all their current models for test drives, is traveling across the USA, and is scheduled to make stops in Chicago, New York and Miami this month. As with their most recent event in Los Angeles, Lexus will also be hosting “Evening Editions” at each of […]

The Lexus IS-F 1/4 Mile Dyno Run

For the Taste of Lexus Evening Edition in Arcadia this past weekend, the IS-F was available for the public to test-drive — only catch was, it was on a dynamometer: The exhaust note is smooth and powerful, and the shifting is practically seamless. No dyno results were shown, but one Club Lexus tester felt there […]

Taste of Lexus Evening Event in Los Angeles

The traveling Taste of Lexus event, where you can test drive all the current Lexus models, is having a special “Evening Edition” in Los Angeles this Saturday, August 25. This special edition is for driving enthusiasts, as all test drives will take place on a short performance track, which is normally reserved strictly for the […]

The LS 460 Symphony Orchestra Takes the Stage

Twelve LS 460’s will be filling in for a symphony orchestra this August for two very special performances in Britain: The twelve vehicles will be arranged onstage to emulate a typical orchestral layout of individual instruments, with strings, brass, woodwind, basses and percussion being performed by each section. In essence each LS 460 will be […]