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Lexus News: Europe

Lexus IS-F & LF-A Together on Nürburgring

This spy video montage, which shows a collection of upcoming cars taking their turn at Nürburgring, has an interesting segment featuring the Lexus IS-F and the LF-A taking a lap together (skip to 3:09 in the video for the action): The LF-A sounds like a monster compared to the IS-F, and I’m sure the additional […]

Lexus IS-F in Silver!

As if on cue, photos emerged today on Club Lexus of a silver Lexus IS-F, taken by Claude Feltz at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. Without a doubt, my point is proven, the IS-F doesn’t just look a little better in colors other than blue, it looks fantastic! (Special thanks to Claude for letting me […]

Lexus Press Conference @ Frankfurt 2007

The Auto Channel has posted the full Lexus press conference from the 2007 IAA Frankfurt Auto Show, presented by Karl Schlicht, Vice President of Lexus Europe: For the most part, the press conference confirms my earlier thoughts on Lexus’ presence in Frankfurt, revealing no new information, but there’s another side to it. With his singular […]

Lexus & The 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show

With the Tokyo Motor Show happening in less than a month, it’s no real shock that Lexus’ presence at the Frankfurt Auto Show was more than little subdued. The extent of their attendence seemed limited to only to a plastic molding of the LS 600h, pictured above, and the debut of the new GS refresh. […]

The Lexus Police Force

Being in Canada, where the police drive Chevy Impalas and Dodge Chargers, I can’t imagine being pulled over by a GS 450h, it just doesn’t compute. But that’s not the case in Britain, where Lexus has been steadily making inroads into the Police Fleet market, and will be attending its sixth consecutive National Police Fleet […]

The LS 460 Symphony Orchestra Takes the Stage

Twelve LS 460’s will be filling in for a symphony orchestra this August for two very special performances in Britain: The twelve vehicles will be arranged onstage to emulate a typical orchestral layout of individual instruments, with strings, brass, woodwind, basses and percussion being performed by each section. In essence each LS 460 will be […]