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Lexus Pebble Beach Song Download

When the Pebble Beach editions of the RX, ES, & LS were announced last year, Lexus broadcast the following commercial: As is the case with many commercials, the accompanying music generated a lot of interest — so much that I did some research and discovered the musician responsible was Kael Alden, who works for a …

New Lexus Power of H Commercial: Landfill

Not really a Lexus commercial in the traditional sense, this video illustrates the growing movement towards sustainable reusable manufacturing: It’s a good direction, and I understand the idea here is to associate Lexus with the sustainable manufacturing process, but if Lexus plants have earned Zero Landfill status, why not explain that further? I’d certainly like …

Japanese Lexus IS Commercial

Surely, the main point of this Japanese IS Commercial isn’t to say that Lexus owners are vain: It certainly made me laugh — mostly because I’ve done something similar many times since getting my LS. Bonus: Be sure to check out this bizarre Toyota Corolla commercial if you get the chance.

Behind the Scenes of the Lexus ES Commercial: Cards

Last week, I posted up a new Lexus ES commercial that featured the talents of Bryan Berg, a professional cardstacker. Well, now we have a backstage pass at the making of this video: I can’t imagine the tension that must have existed on this set, considering that if the filming of the collapsing cards had …

Lexus ES 350 Commercial: Cards

This new Lexus ES commercial continues the “behind every detail, there’s a detail” marketing campaign: It might not be as successful as the first riff on this theme, but the nod to the original LS champagne glass commercial more than makes up for it.

Lexus LS 600hL Commercial: Kite

What begins as a headscratcher ends up being a very effective commercial for some exclusive Lexus technology: My first time watching the commercial, I immediately though of one particularly weird commercial from a while back, but in actuality it was a very convincing application of the driver monitoring system. [Via: Steadywinds]

I Dream of Jeannie Lexus RX Commerical

It’s only nine years old, but this 1999 Lexus RX commercial featuring Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie really feels like it’s from another era entirely: Lexus’ current phase of emotionally-driven advertising is interesting and all, but there’s definitely something to be said for some straight forward throwaway humor.

2009 Lexus IS Commercial from Japan

The new 2009 Lexus IS facelift has certainly started picking up some steam this week, and now we have a commercial from Japan that shows the updated model carting around Cinderella: Nice to see the integrated turn signals in action, however brief.

Lexus ES 350 Commercial: Perspective

This latest Lexus commercial for the ES is a riff on the automobile-as-art-piece, displaying a blown up cross section in what looks like an art gallery: I loved this commercial tagline the first time around, and hearing it the second time makes me wonder why it isn’t played up in more commercials. Works really well.

Lexus Commercial: Imagination is Everything

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the weirdest Lexus commercial I’ve ever seen: A creepy man chasing a crying princess while riding a stick horse. Sure it’s a fairy tale, sure it’s a child’s imagination, but if I saw this as a kid I would have been completely freaked out.
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Lexus IS-F TV Commercial

Though the Lexus IS-F’s national advertising campaign is limited strictly to movie theaters, dealers were also given a commercial made up of three of the 15-second ads. Here’s one for Lexus Stevens Creek, located in San Jose: They work really well sewn together like this, the end result is very impressive.
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Japanese Commercial for Lexus GS Passionate Black Edition

I have a great love for the Japanese Lexus GS with the Passionate Black interior, so I was excited to discover its commercial on Youtube today. Too bad it’s just recycled footage from a previous advert: This is a stark reminder of the cultural differences between Japan and North America, no way this commercial would …

New Lexus The Power of H Marketing Campaign

Focusing on the importance of the letter H, the new Lexus hybrid marketing campaign starts today. Here’s the synopsis, from Lexus’ press release: The multi-platform campaign, which debuts today, communicates Lexus’ hybrid leadership and highlights the significance of h on a Lexus vehicle—which distinguishes hybrid from non-hybrid vehicles and symbolizes Lexus’ commitment to alternative power …

Two Crazy Spanish Lexus IS Commercials

I tried to total up number of insane moments in these two Spanish Lexus IS commercials, but lost count at the Lexus surfboard: I’m seriously having a hard time writing this through the tears of laughter. Surely, we’re looking at the first time the Lexus V6 engine has been compared to a pregnant woman’s belly. …
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More on the New Lexus RX Pop-Up Book Commercial

Creativity Online has posted up an interview with the art director and copywriter of the Lexus RX Pop-Up Book commercial that I featured yesterday, which explains exactly how the advert was made: What was the ratio of real footage versus VFX [Video Effects]? DH [Dave Horton, Copywriter]: It was really important to keep everything looking …
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Lexus LS 600h Commercial: Hybrid Drive

The Lexus 600h is available only in Japan and Europe, which might explain why this commercial hasn’t made it to North American shores: It’s funny, because the invisible digital effect featured here reminds me of the car option I’m looking most forward to: the portable force field. Sure, there’s deeper, more important applications for the …
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Lexus SC 430 Commercial with Andy Roddick for the U.S. ...

This SC 430 commercial featuring Andy Roddick and Christopher Fairbanks defies the usual Lexus formula of heightened drama and takes an altogether different route: This went completely over my head, with such a strange combination of elements. A famous tennis player, a comedian, a tree frog story and a sixties era green-screen, how could these …

Lexus U.S. Open Commercial: Road Trip

The final Lexus commercial from the US Open has just appeared on the Internet, courtesy of my favorite Youtuber, bbakshow: Surprising as it may be, people searching for this commercial have made up an significant percentage of my traffic since launch, and I’m very happy to have found it. Being my first time seeing it, …
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Classic 1990 LS 400 Commercials

Someone must have been digging through their old VCR tapes, because here’s two VHS quality commercials from the LS 400’s inaugural advertising campaign: Funny story about the first commercial, taken from the book Lexus: The Relentless Pursuit: What the ad didn’t say — and what Team One [Lexus’ Advertising Agency] members didn’t know until later …

Audi Attack

Audi has gone catty and released a commercial that claws at the Lexus LS460’s ability to park itself: Not content to be oh-so-subtle with the dig, the car even slides between a LS460 and an IS350. (Is this about the LS460 winning World Car of the Year over the Audi TT?)