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Lexus News: Lexus RX

Is Lexus Planning an Even Smaller Crossover?

According to Car Advice, Lexus may be considering something even smaller than the LF-NX: Asked about the potential for a compact SUV during a media round-table at the Frankfurt motor show, Lexus design division project general manager Takeshi Tanabe responded: “Why not?” Larger than originally expected at 4640mm long, the LF-NX concept – set to […]

Lexus USA Announces Recalls on 2006-2008 RX 400h, 2006-2011 IS 350, IS 350C & GS 350

Lexus USA announced two voluntary safety recalls today.

More Analysis of the Upcoming Japan-Only Toyota Harrier

Circling back to last week’s announcement about the new Japan-only Toyota Harrier, Joaquin over at Kaizen Factor digs deeper into how it relates to the next-generation Lexus RX.

Toyota to Reintroduce Lexus RX-Based Harrier Crossover in Japan

A brief moment of Lexus history for anyone new to the brand: despite being a Japanese company, Lexus vehicles were badged as Toyotas in Japan until 2005.

Scott Ian from Anthrax Talks about His Lexus

How’s this for an unexpected story — Motor Trend recently interviewed Scott Ian from heavy metal band Anthrax, and what does he drive?

More Rumors of a Lexus Three-Row Crossover

The annual BoA Merrill Lynch Car Wars research report has been released, and contains some specific details on Lexus future product plans.