Video: Lexus RC x Rocket Bunny Double Trouble

The Greddy x Rocket Bunny body kit for the Lexus RC & RC F is a major modification, requiring deep cuts into the fenders and plenty of bravery bolting everything together.
Kevin · September 29th, 2015

Possible Production Version of the Lexus RC F CCS-R Race Car?

Peter Lyon from Motoring Australia had a chance to drive the Lexus RC F CCS-R race car on Fuji Speedway: The Lexus RC F CCS-R is a pre-production version of the RC F GT Concept that has campaigned at Pikes Peak and the Nurburgring. Weighing 400kg less than the production RC F, the CCS-R runs …
Kevin · July 15th, 2015

The Lexus RC F Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Process

Lexus International has published an article about the RC F’s carbon fiber and how it’s made: Examine a unit of carbon under a microscope and you’ll find the material to be an extremely fine acrylic fiber measuring only several micrometers (a unit of length equal to one thousandth of a millimeter) in diameter. Depending on …
Kevin · January 22nd, 2015

Videos: The Lexus RC F GT3 Race Car on Fuji Speedway

Lexus Japan has released two expertly filmed videos of the RC F GT3 race car: The RC F as a consumer car is a necessary vehicle in the Lexus lineup, but it’s arguably more important as a racing platform — nothing will bring more performance credibility to the brand than winning on the track.
Kevin · January 20th, 2015

Details on the Lexus RC F CCS Concept from Tokyo Auto Salon

Let’s circle back to the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month and take a closer look at the Lexus show booth. On display was the RC F GT3 car and something else entirely: the RC F CCS Parts Concept. Here are some photos from Japanese website Response: Most important is this graphic behind the RC …
Kevin · January 19th, 2015

Tomica Releases Lexus RC F Diecast Cars

Tomica released two Lexus RC F diecast cars in Japan this weekend, and in amazing Internet fashion, there are already unboxing videos on Youtube: The RC F diecast cars are available in Ultra White and Molten Pearl, both with the full carbon fiber package. Available only in Japan for the time being, they retail for …
Kevin · January 19th, 2015

Road & Track Reviews the Lexus RC F

Road & Track have reviewed the Lexus RC F, praising the coupe for its uniqueness: Instead of trying to beat the Bavarians around a racetrack, Lexus has gone its own way with a playful alternate to the über-sports-coupe blueprint. Forget “clinical” and “precise.” This new flagship thumbs its nose at the BMW M4, then pokes …
Kevin · January 9th, 2015

Lexus RC F Gets Five-Star Review from The Sunday Times

Giles Smith of The Sunday Times has given the Lexus RC F a full five-star review: The new Lexus RC F is expensive, cumbersome, blazingly immodest, fundamentally impractical, comes fitted with an unnecessarily large and uneconomical engine and is altogether, in a naggingly high number of ways, boilingly inappropriate. I can’t think of many cars …
Kevin · January 4th, 2015

Festive Photo Gallery with the Lexus RC F SPORT

With the holiday season just about here, there’s no better time to feature this festive Lexus RC photo gallery from Kevin King Uy: The photos were taken at Granville Island in Vancouver, British Columbia, and really capture the spirit of the area. Great work, Kevin!
Kevin · December 23rd, 2014

Photo Gallery: Lexus RC F & LFA Together

Last weekend, I travelled to Erin Park Lexus in Mississauga to visit my friend Norman and his Ultra White RC F. While at the dealership, I had a chance to photograph the RC F and LFA #34 in the showroom: Side by side, you can see just how much of the RC F’s design was …
Kevin · December 14th, 2014

New Lexus RC F Commercial from Japan

Lexus Japan have released a new commercial for the RC F that draws on their recent success in the Super GT racing series: Not to be outdone, there’s also this RC commercial featuring a female minotaur (?!?):
Kevin · December 11th, 2014

Motor Trend Comparison: Lexus RC F vs BMW M4

Motor Trend has published a comparison between the Lexus RC F & BMW M4, and it’s a total mess of conflicting information: We preferred the Lexus around town, as it’s a more interesting car to sit in thanks to its wealth of technical and visual details. The styling may be a large miss, but we …
Kevin · December 8th, 2014

Video Comparison: Lexus RC F vs. BMW M4 & Audi RS 5

AMCI Testing, one of the most respected independent automotive testing companies in the world, has conducted a comparison between the Lexus RC F, BMW M4, and Audi RS 5: Considering the video is being hosted on the Lexus USA Youtube page, it would be easy enough to write off the results — however, this quote …
Kevin · December 8th, 2014

2015 Lexus RC F Configurator Now on USA Website

For those US readers interested in purchasing an RCF, the Lexus USA website has been updated with an online configurator to help you build the exact car you want. As detailed earlier, pricing for the RC F will start at $63,325 — unfortunately, it appears the carbon fibre Performance Package has been delayed, as it’s …
Kevin · December 7th, 2014