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Lexus News: Lexus LS: Fourth Generation


Lexus to Introduce Fuel Cell Vehicle by 2020?

Will the LS be the first fuel cell vehicle in the lineup?


Spy Shot: The Next-Generation Lexus LS Interior Uncovered

Only a small part is visible, but it’s enough to uncover some details.


Spy Shots: New Next-Generation Lexus LS Prototype Spotted in Europe!

Considerably less camouflage and more detail revealed.


Rumor Mill: Next-Generation Lexus LS to get 3.0L Turbo Engine

Big changes are coming to the flagship Lexus sedan.


Rumor: Lexus LS F Coming in 2018?

611 horsepower twin-turbo V8 FTW.


Lexus LS 350 Trademark Registered in Japan

Will the next-generation Lexus LS be getting a V6 engine option?