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Lexus News: Lexus IS

Mystery Lexus IS Solved

The mystery Lexus IS making the rounds round Nürburgring last week turned out to be the most obvious: it was a race car, and it appeared in the ADAC Rundstrecken Trophy Endurance race in Germany this weekend: The TME/Team Gazoo IS competed in the first of seven four-hour endurance races. One six-hour and a 24-hour […]

Video of the mystery Lexus IS surfaces

The mysterious Lexus IS spotted yesterday has made a video appearance, albeit rather brief and shaky: The engine note is hard to read, though I would say it’s a V6. The hood bulge would indicate there’s something unusual going on, but whether it’s a hybrid system or even a supercharger is anyone’s guess. [Via: Jalopnik] […]

Mystery Lexus IS Spotted at Nürburgring

Motor Authority’s at it again, this time spotting a camouflaged Lexus IS running the track at Nürburgring. The excessive tape & tarp are definitely hiding something, especially in the hood, where there’s a extra-large engine bulge: Judging by the awkward rear stance and the presence of a roll cage, I’m thinking this is a mule […]

Lexus IS Elegant White Commercial from Japan

We’ve seen some photos of the Japanese special edition Elegant White Lexus IS, and now here’s a weird little commercial to go along with it: It wouldn’t be so strange if the cat didn’t seem to have such a bizarre pose, but it is what it is. (I still can’t stop thinking about the Passionate […]

Behind-the-Scenes Video of Lexus Car Manufacturing

This Lexus-produced video showing the manufacturing process of the IS is full-on fantastic: I’ll admit to a soft spot when it comes to this type of behind-the-scenes video footage, and no matter how many times I read about it, it’s mind-boggling just how quality-obsessed Lexus really is. I was particularly impressed by the electronic tools […]

Lexus IS Convertible Spotted

A Lexus IS convertible coupe has been spotted out in the wild, and was photographed by an unnamed German magazine. Here’s a blown-up image, for a better look: As for the accompanying text, there’s some horsepower number ranging from 177 to 423, which translates right across the entire IS lineup, from the 220d to the […]