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Limited Toy Lexus GS 430 by Tomica

I don’t know what’s better, the fact that there’s a limited edition Lexus GS 430 die-cast car available from Tomica, or that I discovered it on a japanese miniature car weblog. I was huge into die-casts as a kid, and I swear, seeing this makes me want to dig out my collection.
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Two Tuned Lexus Models from the Upcoming SEMA 2007

As previously mentioned, this year’s SEMA event will showcase nine Lexus models tuned up by aftermarket companies. Most of these companies make little or no mention of this fact on their websites, but two of the tuners have put up some teaser images: Blitz Tuned Lexus GS 430 The Blitz GS hasn’t gone over the …
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2008 Lexus GS Press Release Confirms the Rumors

Lexus has issued a press release regarding the upcoming 2008 GS models, which confirms the previously leaked GS 460 details: All 2008 GS models will feature a revised front-end, with a new bumper, deeper intakes, and a subtly changed chrome grille. Other exterior changes: The alloy wheels have been redesigned, and turn signals have been …
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Lexus GS-F News!

Fantastic news has emerged regarding the existence of a Lexus GS-F: According to Motortrend, the GS-F will be receiving the LF-A’s V10 engine, meaning 500-plus horsepower, making it a worthy entry into the super sedan class. The next-gen GS, scheduled for a 2011 release, is being designed to allow for the V10 engine, which could …
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Lexus GS 450h Bridgehampton Concept

Lexus debuted a special edition this weekend at The Quail Event: The GS 450h Bridgehampton Concept: From the display plaque: In the late 1950’s, and through the “glory” days of the ‘60s, affluenty sports car racers descended on a unique racing circuit near Sag Harbor on Long Island to test their mettle and their machines. …
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The Lexus Body Kit Series: GS 300/350/430/450h

I’ve just posted the third part of my Lexus Body Kit Series, the GS 300/350/430/450h. With eighteen different body kits, it was the largest collection so far. Most are in the VIP style, evidenced by the tilted rear wheels. The additional styling brought by the kits change the GS appearance significantly, and bring a much …
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The GS 350 Exploding Donut

Two GS Donut videos in one day? Seriously? This second video continues on the grand tradition of Russian Lexus Destruction, only this time there’s blood and exploding rubber: For the life of me, I don’t understand why the cameraman inside the car didn’t pull back when he started seeing sparks. Crazy Russians!
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Celebrity Watch: Rupert Murdoch

In a rather surprising move, Rupert Murdoch took time out from trying to buy the Wall Street Journal to announce his intention to bring News Corporation to a “carbon-neutral” state by 2010. As part of the campaign, Murdoch “has bought a Toyota-made Lexus GS450H “green” car, and other practical measures include solar-powered golf carts to …