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Lexus News: Lexus GS: Third Generation

Lexus Announces Voluntary Recall on 2006 GS 300, IS 250 & IS 350, 2004-2006 RX 330

Lexus has announced a worldwide voluntary recall on the 2006 Lexus GS300, IS250 & IS350, plus the 2004-2006 RX 330 for an possible issue with brake fluid slowly leaking from the brake master cylinder — here’s the full technical explanation: The Toyota genuine brake fluid used during vehicle assembly for vehicles sold in the United […]

Next-Gen 2012 Lexus GS Mule Spotted!

At long last, the first spy-shots of the next-generation Lexus GS have been published after a prototype-mule was spotted in Germany: Admittedly, with the shell of the current GS covering much of the action, there’s not much to go on — one thing that’s clear from the taped-up fenders is that the next-gen GS will […]

Lexus Japan Art Works: GS in Sunset

We’ve already taken a look at the RX & IS Art Works special editions released by Lexus Japan today, but I’ve saved the best for last — just take a look at this GS in Sunset interior: Here’s some close-ups: This color combo is really something else (reminds me of the LS Sport interior), tasteful […]

What’s Next for Lexus Design

There’s a big interview with Lexus’ head of global design, Simon Humphries, at Lexus Magazine that brings some major insight into the direction of the brand — I definitely recommend reading the full thing, but I want to focus on three quotes: LEXUS: First of all, now that we know that the 2011 IS will […]

Swift CC Lexus GS

I remember posting this super-modified Lexus GS at some point, but something this wild deserves a second viewing: Pretty sure that if I saw this in real life, my head would spontaneously explode — that is if the speakers didn’t do the job first.

VIP Lexus LS & GS Together

Been going through a lot of old files lately, and I stumbled on this brilliant photo of a VIP’d Lexus LS & GS prowling the streets together: This has to be one of my all-time favorite Lexus shots, I wish I knew who took the shot and where it came from. Has anyone seen it […]