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Lexus News: Lexus CT

Lexus CT 200h 3-Door Photochop

Shortly after the Lexus CT 200h was revealed in early March, rumors of a possible 3-door version sprung up, and now photochopper Theophilus Chin has put together a possible look for the hatchback coupe: The main tweaks in the photochop, besides the subtraction of two doors, is a deeper slope in the A-pillar, a shorter […]

Facebook Fans Question Lexus CT 200h Chief Designer

Recently, Lexus Europe asked their Facebook fans to submit questions to Lexus Design Manager Takeshi Tanabe about the CT 200h — in the end, four questions were chosen and the answers have just been posted. (Funny fact: Three of the four questions use the word “sexy”.) Read the full Q & A

Lexus CT 200h Dark Ride Interactive Movie

The Lexus CT 200h Dark Ride interactive movie has launched today, and it’s super fun — before I give too much away, make sure to go and experience it for yourself: Here’s the trailer, just to jog your memory: You never know with this sort of thing, but the Dark Ride is total quality, with […]

Lexus CT 200h Chief Designer Video Interview

Here’s two new Lexus CT 200h videos featuring the hatchback’s Chief Designer, Takeshi Tanabe: This HD footage really shows off the car in a very strong way, including our best look yet at the LED headlights. Top notch quality. For more from Tanabe-sama, you can check out my interview with him from the Geneva auto […]

Lexus CT 200h Australian Launch in 2011

Lexus Australia has confirmed that the CT 200h sportback will become the fourth hybrid model in its lineup, starting in mid 2011. It will be the country’s only full hybrid hatchback, and join the LS 600h L, GS 450h, and RX 450h in Lexus Australia’s petrol-electric hybrid range. Lexus Australia head Tony Cramb was quoted […]

TLE Exclusive Interview with Lexus CT 200h Chief Designer

Yesterday, I posted an interview-by-email with the Chief Engineer of the new Lexus CT 200h that was arranged by Lexus Europe during the Geneva Auto Show—and now today I bring you a Q&A with the Lexus CT 200h’s Chief Designer, Takeshi Tanabe, about the challenges of translating the LF-Ch concept into a production model: TLE: […]