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Lexus News: Lexus CT


Will Lexus Release a Turbocharged CT 200t?

Is Lexus planning to use their new 2.0L four-cylinder turbo engine in the CT?


Lexus Geneva Concept to be CT-Based Sedan?

The secret Lexus concept set to a Geneva debut might not be a mystery after all.


Lexus CT Owner Blog: The iPhone Tech Upgrade

I have a new favorite accessory for my Lexus CT 200h, and I have to write about it despite sounding like a full-on infomercial.


Lexus Europe Offers Two-Tone CT 200h Special Edition

There’s a new Lexus CT 200h two-tone special edition now available in Europe.

Lexus CT Owner Blog: The CT 200h F SPORT in Winter

Winter has arrived, and I’m getting my first exposure to driving the CT 200h in the snow & ice. The cold weather has given me real appreciation for the product planners at Lexus Canada, who have outfitted the CT F SPORT package with heated front seats and side mirrors. I’ve driven Lexus press cars in […]

Lexus CT Owner Blog: The CT 200h vs. IS 250

Before purchasing the CT 200h, I went through the process of choosing between the hybrid hatchback and a base-model IS 250 sedan. Why these two models? Price was the controlling factor — I had a definite budget and the base-model IS 250 with all-wheel drive was at the very top end. Here are the key […]