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Lexus News: Lexus CTh: First Generation

Lexus CT Owner Blog: The CT 200h vs. IS 250

Before purchasing the CT 200h, I went through the process of choosing between the hybrid hatchback and a base-model IS 250 sedan. Why these two models? Price was the controlling factor — I had a definite budget and the base-model IS 250 with all-wheel drive was at the very top end. Here are the key […]

The New Car: Reasons for Choosing the Lexus CT 200h F SPORT

For the latest post in my CT 200h owner’s blog, I’ve outlined the reasons for choosing the hybrid hatchback over the IS 250 AWD sedan. (The top reason shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.) Read about my CT 200h vs IS 250 Decision

Lexus CT Owner Blog: The First Modification

After three months of ownership, I’ve made my first modification to the CT 200h: It might be a little difficult to see from this photo, let’s highlight the mod in red: That’s right, I made an adjustment to the cupholder, using a strip of foam to reduce the rattling of my water bottle. Living dangerously, […]

Lexus to Build a CT-Based Sedan?

Lexus is considering a CT-based compact sedan, according to a Motoring Australia interview with Lexus International president Tokuo Fukuichi: “This is also a new product that … we consider about the possibility in the market. We have a chance to develop something like this,” said Fukuichi, who is also the global design chief of Toyota […]

Lexus Not Considering CT F or NX F High Performance Models

Lexus F chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi has dismissed the idea of a high-performance CT hatchback — from Motoring Australia: “He is not interested in building with front-wheel drive configuration,” [Yaguchi-san’s] interpreter told Asked if F could develop an all-wheel drive version Yaguchi replied via his interpreter: “Basically they have to consider taking whatever is […]

Lexus CT Owner Blog: The Cross Country Trip

This summer, in partnership with OpenRoad Lexus in Richmond, BC, my wife Karissa and I drove across North America in our brand new Lexus CT 200h. The timing was interesting — we had originally planned to take a relaxing drive through Canada and the USA, but some unexpected events occurred and we need to be […]