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Lexus News: Lexus CTh: First Generation

Lexus Europe 2011 Sales Update

Good news out of Europe — over the first six months of 2011, Lexus has increased sales 42% due to strong interest in the CT 200h.

Flickr Find: Underground Lexus CT

Really liking this Lexus CT 200h photo by Flickr photographer Lil Tian, taken on location from a Ikea parking garage in Malaysia.

Dan Neil Reviews the Lexus CT 200h

Auto journalist (& future TV show host) Dan Neil has reviewed the Lexus CT 200h for the Wall Street Journal, and it’s hardly a positive affair — Neil tears into the hybrid hatchback from all angles, from the handling & performance to the styling, all in the name of being a car enthusiast.

TOM’S Releases Lexus CT 200h Cup Holders?

TOM’S, the factory-authorized Lexus tuner in Japan, has taken a break from designing aero kits and turbochargers to release two CT 200h cup holders.

Nürburgring Inspired Lexus CT 200h Concept from Australia

Once again, Lexus has chosen the Australian market to debut a new variant of the CT 200h — this time, it’s a concept inspired by the Nürburgring racer we saw back in May.

Lexus CT Challenge Contest Results

A couple months back, I mentioned a unique contest by Canadian dealership Northwest Lexus, where the goal was to guess just how far the CT 200h could travel on one tank of gas.