Toyota EV rumor thread


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I really like the 'sedan' design! Looks like a sedan/coupe/liftback hybrid like the BMW Gran Turismo, but a much better implementation (the BMW GTs look terrible for a good concept).

I like the medium SUV and medium CUV. Hope they are not FWD.
They are more or less confirmed in China to have a 150KW FWD variant and a 80+80KW AWD variant. E-TNGA could be configured in 80KW FWD, 150KW FWD, 150KW RWD, 80+80KW AWD, and 150+150KW AWD setups. There is an intermediate-size motor with unknown output but my guess is 120KW.

There will be an E-TNGA model just using the rear motor module, but it's not the medium SUV/CUV.