RX450h won't use voice commands to search for new playlist on my Ipod when the car is in motion.

I have been told it is a safety issue. When I asked them if it was safer for me to pull my ipod out of the compartment, unplug it, manually search for a new playlist, and plug it back in so I could listen to the music I want to, they didn't have an answer. When I asked them if it was safer for me to pull over to the side of the freeway and stop so I could use voice commands or touch to find my music, they didn't have an answer

Ian Schmidt

Using an iPod Touch or an iPhone would solve that - "Hey, Siri" works fine when you're driving.
šŸ˜’ I feel ya.
I Like the suggested response for Siri.

I do appreciated many of the safety features built into my Lexus.
It feels like it's the safest vehicle I've ever driven to-date.

However some features IMHO appear to be overstepped.
Case in point:
You are informed by the vehicle on start up in using the screen while driving...Got it!
Driving in the car with a front passenger having them search the previous destinations for food or other things.
They are limited in searching the list, and the vehicle must be stopped to continue searching your list. Not so safe for night driving or when you may be in unfamiliar locations. I hope Lexus will address this issue.

I suppose you could ask Destination Assist, even then you have to use the screen and press ok once the info is download to the GPS.
Easy enough. Small distraction. It will however add one more item to the destination listing!
I suppose you could ask the navigation system via voice recognition to help, but sometimes you get ......

"I'm sorry I didn't get that"
"Could you repeat that"
"I'm sorry I still didn't get that"
"Could you speak a little louder"
"Could you speak a little softer"
"Voice Recognition has been canceled"

You may or may not be a calm driver after that! It could become a white knuckled moment!
Even though you've trained your vehicle to your voice/voice patterns.

Technology...... Ya gotta love it and get engineers to realize for the moment we still attempt to own and drive our vehicles.

Don't get me wrong I still enjoy my Lexus.;)
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