RX350 Navigation Screen Map Display Route Trails

Hello Everyone.....
I will call them trails for lack of a better description.
I am wondering if I may have turned on this feature/option that causing this effect.

I'm seeing dot circles, (white rings with red centers), display on the gps screen as if some kind of left-over from previous routes that I've ask the navigation to plot for any trip I take.

This was not always the case. Its been there a while just thought I might ask.

Thanks for any input.
Found it!
Just in case anyone else is having this issue.
It is a feature (Route Trace) that can be turn on or off. Apparently unknowingly I turn it on.
Tuned it on not knowing what it would do.

This feature can be used for the following purposes...
1. Helps you in exploring a area you visit (by leaving bread crumbs), you can back track where you've been.
Kinda of a Hansel and Gretel thing... You could escape the wicked witch!
2. You let the teenager drive the car and you want to see what they've been up to.
I know everyone trust their teens šŸ˜‡ Not encouraging spying. I'm just saying!
3. Did your mechanic just test drive or did He drive..........
4. Did the valet just park or did He......., enough already...... You get the picture.

How to turn it on/off.
Put the Screen in Navigation / Map mode.
On the Left hand lower screen select the Menu Icon (three lines with dots to the left).
Select: Map Information
Select: Route Trace
Tun on, or Turn off
Select Back icon or press the Map button on your console.

Enjoy Your Lexus
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