Official Toyota & Lexus Future Powertrain/Product Discussion

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The image shows the use of D-4D instead of D-4S (to save cost). The missing port injectors may account for some of the lost specific power and efficiency compared to 4-cylinder variants? I wonder how it suppresses carbon build-up without the self-cleaning function.

See Shizhi's picture. 30% more torque than the 1.3L 1NR-FKE it replaces. But that's a puny little engine so the comparison is not very fair.

EDIT: I just checked the 1NR-FKE's torque curve and it produces 105N.m at 2,000rpm and 110N.m at 2600rpm. Multiply that by 30% and you get 137N.m@2,000 and 143N.m@2600. So it may have more torque at 2,000 rpm than the last-gen 1.5L at its peak (136N.m at 4,400).
I am confused. I thought D-4D had to do with diesel applications and had nothing to do with D-4S?