New Yorker Here


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Looking to purchase a 2020 RC350 in the coming weeks/months depending on how things go. Hoping to gain some insight on RC's here before I go ahead with the purchase.

First time on a Lexus community/board/forum like this.
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What's up,

This might not pertain to what your asking much but perhaps being a fellow New Yorker it might give you a bit of the insight you were looking for.
I drove a 2018 RC for a loaner car for a weekend while Lexus of RT110 fixed a dash recall on my wife's RX330. I must say I was impressed with how that RC handled our NY roads. Suspension responded very well. It wasn't "static" but stiff enough for the corners and soft enough for the ocasional pot hole/ construction plate/ roadway anomaly that I wasn't able to dodge. vey nice ride.
The interior was okay with the Lexus link(?) being a bit cumbersome to program to your liking but, still usefull nonetheless.
A lot of creature comforts come standard nowadays so I wont get into detail with those things but I did like the air cooled(?) perforated leather seats.
The car had nice, smooth acceleration and was very nimble. I would definately purchase one if I was in the market for one.
Good luck.