New Adaptive Headlights to Debut on 2020 Lexus RX Crossovers Outside North America


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Never understood quite good why the adaptive headlights are not available in the U.S. whereas we get this item in EU. Is it regulation? And what is the reason behind the regulation?

Edit: Oh, sorry, I was too quick and didn't read the message below the images in the topic opening post... Understood :blush:;)
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I get that U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 108 is terribly outdated and needs fixed. However Lexus can and has had good adaptive headlights that make it safer to drive at night. Both of my LSs and my GS with Luxury package had AFS and it was pretty good. I traded in my Luxury GS for an F Sport GS and was surprised that the F Sport did not have AFS and it was quite noticeable at night where I live. When I got the RC 350 F Sport I special ordered it with the triple beam LED headlights hoping they would be better but THEY ARE TERRIBLE. At night we only drive my BMW because it has AFS and turning lights. I like Lexus and BMW, but for safe night driving Lexus needs to do so much better.