Motor Trend Reviews the 2015 Lexus LS & LS F SPORT

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    When that engine was introduced, it was just slightly down on torque versus the Benz engine that was nearly a whole liter larger in displacement! I am really hoping that Toyota and Lexus have spent all this time developing the next amazing Ward's 10 Best Engine that will deliver power better and sound better than the turbos of the competitors'! Of course, I am only dreaming. Then again, a little tinkering with the RC F 5.0L V8 should give it ample torque delivery while maintaining fuel efficiency by emulating the Atkinson Cycle! Seriously, though... Why have Hyundai and Kia upgraded to a 5.0L V8 in both the full-size and mid-size sedans while Lexus is still stuck at 4.6L in only the full-size sedan?!
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    Pleasingly positive review... thanks for posting.

    With that said, the next LS can't come fast enough!
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    Agreed. Even though lexus may say they aren't chasing numbers, they really are. And the next gen LS is something they really need. Not only for sales numbers but to prove to the world again that lexus can make one of or the best full size luxury vehicle
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    I guess I have an interesting perspective since I just enjoyed year 1 with my LS F-Sport.....I have a slow building thread with pics below

    Lexfather MikeVossen VFS2 Tunnel.jpeg

    I think the article was quite fair but also doesn't really show some great upgrades the F-sport offers not just to the LS but the competition. I have driven the entire class quite a bit and I did seesaw between a few options before settling on the LS and yes bias clearly played a factor as I am a happy Lexus owner, enthusiast and friend of the brand.

    The joke is how the LS is an old mans car but the F-sport is the first true LS that attracted me. I think it looks beautiful and aggressive and to me best looking in class in F-Sport guise. I could start at the spindle for hours. While the design overall (body) is nearly 10 years old, it shows Lexus got it right the first time. I have no issues with designs that don't need constant changing if they look good. I am in my 30s, never thought I would get a LS at this age but Lexus once again had the right product when it was time for me or my family to try something new.

    There is simply a disconnect between too many people commenting on the internet and owners and people that drive these cars. I scrolled and read some of those mindless comments on the article and I lost some brain cells. Rarely is there rational thought, just a bunch of angry people posting their long standing bias. Rarely is there an owner of the actual car or something in the class. If you read the comments they would have you believe the LS is a Corolla that is stretched and the worst car made lol.

    Skipping past that, I will actually start with the negatives and they were mentioned. Obviously steering feel is lacking but let me tell you, the competition has some that are worse and even more floaty and disengaged than the F-sport. I wish it did drive more like the GS but then, it would be a GS not a LS.

    Next the seats are nice but need more adjustments and are not as good as the seats in new Lexus models. Also the gauges are nice but don't feel as advanced as some newer cars. Also where is my HUD!?!? Our GS has it.

    The engine/throttle even in sport+ is still relaxed. The engine just never overpowers and never in my life would I say 386hp feels "adequate" lol. Also MPG is not great either and honestly worst in class. Is it bulletproof? You bet and so quiet people think its a hybrid (cause my previous ride was a GS 450h so that doesn't help lol). I would like to add Forced Induction but it ain't cheap and gains are minimal.

    One of the main motivations for this larger car purchase was our son who was in the womb last year. I needed more room and trunk space. I wish the F-Sport was offered in LWB guise. I also really dislike that I am forced to not get options. I would have gotten the luxury pack but its not offered. So I miss rear window blinds I really need for the baby and all the rear seat adjustments. The center armrest is a waste of good space. A fold down rear seat would be amazing too.

    That said, THIS IS THE BEST LEXUS I HAVE OWNED. I cannot stop raving about the car even with the opportunities mentioned. There are so many pluses with the LS F-sport.

    1. I love the styling. I remember in particular some people bashing the previous LS Sport constantly for the added on kit. Well Lexus redesigns the front, side and rear completely and of course, they never credit Lexus for the changes. I think the front end is one of my favorite of any sedan, EVER. Well the LS is distinctive with its mesh grill, BBS wheels, and exterior changes.
    2. The interior is lovely. The F-sport offers real aluminum trim. The design in the aluminum is of the spindle, very subtle. There is is a nice LED lighting throughout. Materials are first rate. You also get aluminum pedals and a shifter. You also get a black escaine headline instead of the usual grey or beige. The gauges change to blue or red depending on mode (eco, norm, sport, sport+).
    3. Brembo brakes front and and rear. Huge 14" 6 piston disks up front. They look beautiful. The competition brakes are simply not as good. There is no fade, ever. They stop short. They are amazing.
    4. BBS Forged Wheels. I've always been a fan and know a few people at BBS. Well the competition doesn't offer this and not sure why its overlooked. 19" in size but still small for me lol.
    5. A read LSD. Not an electric do-dad, an old school mechanical LSD and it works. It makes having some fun in this big car well, more fun and since the engine won't overpower it, you get to have a smile on your face without scaring yourself. How many of the competition have a LSD?
    6. Its quiet but quite frankly the whole class is quiet.
    7. Its roomy but the whole class is roomy..expect the Panamera
    8. Its maybe the best built car in the world. Good look having issues with the LS. In one year, its been pretty much perfect. No unscheduled visits, no coughs, no problems. Just press the button and go.
    9. The LED headlights are really well done. The fogs are LED too, actually the entire exterior is LED. Makes a big difference.
    10. The F-Sport is simply a car you won't see everyday, let alone a modified one. Its amazing to me how I see tons of S-Class (mostly black), and other German cars all around Miami. I love having this standout.

    Honestly short of an Alpina or S8 or AMG S63 or the Panamera, the LS F-Sport is just as good a drive as anything out there. I'm super excited for the next generation and I hope I am ready for the LS F when it comes from what I hear!

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    I think that's thr longest post written on the new forums thus far lol
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    Sometimes there just aren't enough words when you are passionate about something . . .
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